Celebrating Veteran's Day With Valor Blend®

This Veteran’s Day, we’d like to highlight our military charity partner, Folds of Honor and the families that they serve.


Folds of Honor is a military-focused charity that provides scholarships to families of our fallen and disabled heroes. Since its founding in 2007, the organization has awarded over 24,500 scholarships to children and spouses of our nation’s heroes. The organization started in 2007 when Lt. Col. Rooney witnessed the return of a fallen solider’s remains to his family. Thinking about his own family and what that would mean for them if it had been him, Lt. Col. Rooney felt inspired to create Folds of Honor.

When you purchase a bag of our Valor Blend®, Joffrey’s will donate a portion of the sale directly to Folds of Honor. Those sales directly impact the families who have lost a loved one or whose loved one returned home disabled. You can learn more about some of those very families here.


We interviewed Larry Robinson, Vice President of Development (Chicago chapter), to bring you an inside look at the amazing mission behind this organization and how it all began:


What is Fold’s of Honor’s mission?

“It’s a pretty singular mission – we provide educational scholarships for spouses and children of the wounded and fallen. It’s something we can do to make their lives easier. We have a saying – honor their sacrifice, educate their legacy. Freedom isn’t free.”

How does the scholarship program work?

“Educational scholarships are available for both spouses and children of fallen and wounded service members. Folds of Honor even offers a legacy program where siblings are automatically allowed into the program. To remain in the program,  there is an application and verification process every year.”

What are the scholarships for?

“Scholarships are available for higher education as well as K-12 education. K-12 scholarships make up for about 15% of scholarships given, while higher education and college make up the rest.”

How did you get involved in Folds of Honor?

“11 years ago I heard Lt. Col. Dan Rooney and two recipients speak at a small event. I told my wife that I felt we had not given back to the military as much as we had wanted. After the event, I reached out to Dan and we became immediate friends. I went on to help build the Chicago chapter.”

How much of the donation money goes towards the scholarships?

“Currently, 89% of every dollar raised goes directly towards the scholarship program.”

Join us this Veteran’s Day in providing an unforgettable education for the families who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

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