Biscoffee Cookie Crumble

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Biscoffee Cookie Crumble

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posted by:   Alicia

This is second only to the Joffreys bananas foster so delicious. I brought a bag to work and we used it all in one week We wouldve really used it all in two days but I tried to space the pots out so everyone could try it. Delicious

posted by:   carlton

Great new flavor. Tastes just like the cookies on Delta flights. My wife and I both really like it.
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Our Roastmaster, Chris deMezzo, travels the globe in search of exceptional beans and new flavor combinations. During his extensive travels he learned about Belgium’s most popular cookie which was offered on many of his flights. A crumbly cookie that tasted great with coffee, with hints of caramelized brown sugar, cinnamon and spices. Thus the idea was born to create this coffee that tasted like fresh-baked cookies. Perfect for any occasion, and especially a mid-day cookie break.
$11.99 Product Weight: 16oz.
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