Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland

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posted by:   Sheryl Hansen

As this wonderful coffee brews I am reminded of Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one great day with family. The smooth flavor is relaxing and delicious. We manage to go through a pound of the awesome coffee in a very short time and the coffee pot is always on. It is family and friends gathered together with great flavor. I would hate to have a holiday without it. Then the rest of the year I brew it as a reminder of the great times of the past and the future. I love Winter Wonderland
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Snuggle up with this scrumptious brew on a cold winter’s night or any time you’re in the holiday spirit. Our roastmaster and flavor developers created a festive blend of delicate white chocolate, creamy coconut, caramel, and almond for our medium-roasted 100% Arabica beans to embrace. One sip and it will bring back all the sweet memories of the season. It also makes a joyful stocking stuffer.
$11.99 Product Weight: 16oz.
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