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posted by:   Chrystal

Heard Joffreys was making coffee for the different resorts restaurants. Picked up a bag of Kenya at the AKL to bring home. LOVE it Crisp at the start finishes smooth.

posted by:   Russell Ross

We had this coffee while visiting Dinsey in Florida. It is by far the most distinctive coffee my wife and I have ever had. It would be my coffee of choice for life. I simply wish I could afford it. at almost 15.00 a pound it is a bit out of my reach for frequent use. I will use it for special days when I need that extra touch in my day

posted by:   Cuchulain

Greta coffee I love it after dinner especially with chocolate cake

posted by:   Katie

We had this coffee at the Jiko restaurant in Disney on our honeymoon and it was the absolute best coffee I have ever had in my life. I had to email the Disney to find out what kind of coffee it was Yum Ive never tasted a better coffee and black No cream or sugar It was fantastic
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Ready to expand your coffee horizons? Try our medium-bodied estate Kenya. It’s coffee for the adventurous aficionado. Grown in the fertile red volcanic soil on the northern slopes of Mt. Kenya, this 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Bean is famous for its high level of acidity. It’s brisk and snappy in the cup with a fresh hint of fruitiness. The aftertaste lingers like a fine dry wine. This is what lively coffee tastes like.
$12.49 Product Weight: 12oz.
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