Debuting Honduras El Encinal

For this quarter’s coffee we explore the beautiful country of Honduras and the El Encinal farm in the Marcala region. Bertha Martinez began her career as a biology teacher but after her father’s passing felt compelled to keep her father’s legacy and his coffee farm alive. Although she had no experience running a farm she immersed herself in studying about agriculture, farming, and coffee. Bertha’s biology background convinced her that organic agricultural practices were the best way to produce coffee in harmony with the environment.

While her siblings and husband helped with the day to day operations of the farm, Bertha focused on securing lines of credit so that they could reinvest and upgrade the family farm. Bertha became one of the founding members of COMSA, Café Organico Marcala S.A., and is proud to be a part of an organization that helps to improve farming techniques, education, and the quality of life for coffee producers in the Marcala region.

It is from this region that we have sourced our Honduras Fair Trade Organic El Encinal Micro-Lot to be named Honduras El Encinal. This quarter’s coffee is grown at an altitude of 5,905, is fully washed then dried on patios and solar tables. While experiencing the Honduras El Encinal enjoy the winey cup with notes of mandarin orange and lemon with a mild honey finish.