Trattoria al forno

4 stars

Trattoria al forno

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posted by:   Caitlin

I would actually call this a bold roast. The flavors are distinct. When you add milk or half and half the flavors become even more discernible. I recommend this as a dessert coffee. Its quite bold for early morning

posted by:   James

A great restaurant and love the coffee dark and rich.
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Simply Delizioso says it all, both for the restaurant and the coffee.  Trattoria al forno brings back the Italian flavor experience with a delicious blend that compliments food and dessert alike. Roasted to a smooth medium level, Trattoria blend starts off with an aroma of sweet berry and milk chocolate, which transcends into a citrus, dark berry flavor in your cup. Close your eyes and you may detect delicate tangerine and cantaloupe notes. Viva Trattoria!
$14.99 Product Weight: 16oz.
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