Tusker House

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Tusker House

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posted by:   Maria

I had 4 cups of this coffee when we had breakfast at Tusker house I made a point to ask what kind of coffee it was and this is the blend that brought me to Joffreys website. This is my 4th time ordering in bulk so that I can have a taste of WDWs Tusker House in TX. I prefer to brew my own coffee now rather than having a barista make me a cup. So smooth and flavorful. A great way to start your day.
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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort
Tusker House is a pretty bountiful place. So we gave it a French roast that’s just as generous. Blended with some of our favorite single-origin 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans then roasted to a dark brown hue, this coffee is as full of flavor as the overflowing Tusker buffets you’ll experience morning, noon and night. Its robust aroma and smoky finish make it an excellent encore to the spit-roasted meats, savory samosas and spicy Tandoori—while touches of chocolate and caramel make capable cohorts when taking on the seemingly endless assortment of muffins, breads, cobblers and pastries. It’s the prefect cup for a place of plenty.
$12.99 Product Weight: 16oz.
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