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Victoria & Albert’s

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posted by:   Heidi

We first tried Joffreys at Epcot were delighted by how good it is. As soon as we learned we could order online we did and the Victoria Alberts is by far the best coffee weve ever enjoyed. Unbelievably smooth no bitterness at all. Delightful aroma. Can be enjoyed any time of day.

posted by:   Britt

This is the best coffee and has such a delicious aroma that fills the kitchen everytime I brew Its like pouring a cup of Disney magic

posted by:   Deb

The best it is fresh tasting and smooth not bitter.

posted by:   Andrea

This coffee is amazing. We have had it at Victoria Alberts on a few occasions and it is so wonderful to finally be able to have it at home as well. A fantastic addition to any home coffee bar Get yourself a vacuum brewer and you can imagine you are there sipping it after dinner
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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
“Something rare.” That was our answer to the question, “What coffee could possibly live up to the standards set by Victoria & Albert’s?” After all, this is no ordinary restaurant. It’s received the AAA Five Diamond Award® every year since 2000. Its exclusive Chef’s Table has hosted royalty. Its menu, that is American cuisine with classic influences, changes often and is inspired by the freshest seasonal ingredients on the global market. So we worked closely with the chefs to select a single-origin coffee just as rare: beans from Celebes, now called Sulawesi, a remote Indonesian island, that produces a coffee that is quite unique in its rich chocolate and nutty overtones. Brewed at the table using the centuries-old siphon method, it’s not the finish to the Victoria & Albert’s experience, but an integral part of it.
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