MINI in size, but BIG in flavor! We are thrilled to bring you details about some of our favorite mini donuts that may be able to you as you journey through your Joffrey’s donut dreams. We have something for everyone! These mini sets are available at select locations and out Disney Springs store in packs of four! Can’t choose a flavor? Select a variety and mix it up! Don’t forget to tag us and #JoffreysMoments so we may indulge with you!

Coconut Caramel
No longer the season to purchase your favorite cookies? Our Coconut Caramel mini donut serves up the perfect combination of chocolate icing, toasted coconut, and a caramel drizzle topping.

We’re bringing the campfire to you with our S’mores mini donut. A sweet stack of chocolate icing, graham cracker crumbs, and mallo crème.

Fruity Fun
A classic to brighten your day and taste buds. Our Fruity Pebble mini donut provides a colorful crunch with vanilla icing, strawberry icing, and fruity pebbles cereal.

You won’t want to let this mini donut go. Our Snowflake mini donut creates a smooth frosty finish with vanilla Icing, vanilla butter cream, and a blue sugar topping.

Cookies and Cream
Two snacks in one?! Our Cookies and Cream mini donut combines vanilla icing and Oreo cookies to bring you to create one delicious donut.

You will have fantasy at your fingertips with our Unicorn mini donut! Make sure to snap a pic of this delicious combo of vanilla icing, vanilla butter cream, rainbow sprinkles, and Airheads ‘Xtremes’.

Caramel Cravings
A nutty duo. Our Caramel Cravings mini donut combines chocolate icing and crushed peanuts, topped with a sweet caramel glaze.

Set sail with our Crunch mini donut featuring vanilla icing, Captain Crunch Cereal, and a sweet mallo crème.

Black Ice
Simply satisfying. Our Black Ice mini donut will satisfy your sweet tooth with a creamy rich Chocolate Icing.

Love Bug
Love is in the air with our Love Bug mini donut. A simple tasty treat that is almost too cute to eat, featuring a creamy vanilla icing.

Chris P. Bacon
A little something for all bacon lovers! Our sweet and salty Chris P. Bacon mini donut is perfect for any time of day, featuring a maple icing and satisfyingly smoky bacon.

Cookie Crumble
Fuel your cookie cravings with our Cookie Crumble mini donut. This fun festive donut features vanilla and blueberry icing, chocolate chunk cookie dough, and Hershey’s fudge drizzle.

This Madness mini donut combines chocolate icing and a colorful assortment of M&Ms to create a treat that will have you saying MMmm.

*Selections are subject to change and may vary per location.