Presidential Brews and Savings

Feeling Presidential?

Whether you’re looking for your new favorite recipe or stocking up on your favorite blend or varietal, we’ve got you covered this President’s Day!

Shop 20% OFF Blends and Varietals on President’s Day (2/15/21), such as:

  • President’s Blend: A full-bodied and aromatic coffee with sweet and smoky undertones.
  • Valor Blend®: A bold coffee with a smooth and smoky finish. For each bag of Joffrey’s Valor Blend® purchased, we donate $1 to Folds of Honor, a military charity.
  • Viennese Blend: A dark coffee featuring a sweet caramel profile and smoky nuances.


Looking to shake things up? Try a presidential latte:


Joffrey’s Presidential Latte:



  • Fill serving glass full of hot water to warm glass
  • Discard hot water
  • Pour ingredients into serving glass
  • Add whipped cream, sea salt and caramel drizzle
  • Enjoy!


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