Creamy Butterscotch Rum



An indulgence of smooth creamy butterscotch with a splash of rum. You'll love the boozy sweetness. It's a perfect pirate's brew as imagined by our Joffrey's Fans!

Roast: Medium, Weight: 16oz
100% Arabica Beans

Roastmaster's Notes

Notes of Creamy Butterscotch and a splash of Rum to bring out a sweet indulgent flavor.

Brewing Guide

Drip Coffee and French Press Brewing Guide


3 reviews for Creamy Butterscotch Rum

  1. kumasan11 (verified owner)

    Delicious, another winner from Joffreys! Great creamy butterscotch taste. One of my favorites! Keep the great flavors coming and can you please make this in the single serve cups!

  2. Emanuel Meller (verified owner)

    I am sorry to say that but I ordered tons of different flavored coffee here already but this one taste like nothing 😞 maybe it was the batch….but mine had NO FLAVOR at all !!! All other coffee beans I ordered in the past have been amazing….flavored or not…. BUT this one…not enjoyable at all

  3. steveandamysilva (verified owner)

    I was on the fence about ordering this one, but I thought I would try it. Butterscotch and coffee? However, it is pretty good, and I do find myself enjoying it and my daughter really likes it. Not sure I will order again, but I did enjoy it.

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