Holiday Blend 2020

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Celebrate this Holiday Season with this exquisite artisanal blend of 100% Specialty Grade Arabica beans from the Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions in Ethiopia, and beans from Costa Rica. This festive cup delivers fruity notes of lemon, apricot, and blueberry.

Roast: Medium, Weight: 16oz
100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans

Roastmaster's Notes

A festive blend from Ethiopia and Costa Rica with fruity notes of lemon, apricot, and blueberry.

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Holiday Blend

Our new Holiday Blend is a fruity and festive combination of three Specialty Grade Arabica
coffees from across the world.

– A delightful Costa Rican coffee from the farm Finca Las Vueltas in Aserri (Tarrazu) Costa Rica,
a Joffrey’s partner of 10 years.

– An Ethiopian coffee from the Sidamo region with notes of rich blueberry.

– And a coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia with bright notes of lemon.

The blend of these coffees creates a sensory experience that will leave your taste buds wanting more this Holiday Season. Which flavor are you tasting? Is it Lemon? Is it Blueberry? Is there Apricot in there as well? You’ll have to taste this festive combination yourself to find out! In addition, the fruit notes of this blend make it a quintessential coffee to enjoy using the cold brew method.