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Our raved about Kona Blend is an artisan blend of Hawaiian and Central American beans; just enough to enhance the naturally fruity nuances always present in the Kona. This is a must try for any coffee lover.

Roast: Medium, Weight: 16oz
100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans

Roastmaster's Notes

Hawaiian beans blended with mild Central American beans to enhance the natural flavor always present in Kona. 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans.

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11 reviews for Kona Blend

  1. Rick Hayes (verified owner)

    While at Disney World the last time, we were at the Polynesian for breakfast and I tried this coffee for the first time. I absolutely loved it and it became my favorite. Now, each time I smell it brewing, or take that first sip in the morning, I instantly go back to that day at the Polynesian. If you like coffee, you will love the Kona Blend!

  2. concrtjnky1 (verified owner)

    I love this blend. I just came back to order 2 more bags after finishing up my initial one, which I purchased on a whim. Glad I did – but now it is hard to drink anything else in the morning! I will keep re-ordering as long as this is available.

  3. Charlotte Strickland (verified owner)

    This has become one of my favorite blends from Walt Disney World. We had some Kona coffee while we were on vacation back in June and loved it. My mom loved it so much that we also got her some for my parents house. They love it too!

  4. CONSUELO MONDRAGON (verified owner)

    Excellent and affordable ! But i must say theres nothing like 100% Kona which Jefferys does offer. Cant go wrong with there small batches of freshly roasted beans per order. But this is the way to go if youre on a buget for Kona! Super crisp and morning awakening! Beware you will get hooked!

  5. Kristin Sweet (verified owner)

    So good. I am so glad I ordered this coffee to add to my morning routine. Just really good and smooth coffee.

  6. Kathryn Saling (verified owner)

    DELICIOUS! So freaking good! BUY IT! You won’t regret it!

  7. Darryl Poche (verified owner)

    Had this coffee during our last trip to WDW. It was served to us via French Press. it was the absolute best coffee we found anywhere in Disney World or anywhere else. Since discovering this website I have purchased 7 bags of this blend. I am an OTR Truck driver and have a french press in my truck so I can enjoy this EVERY morning.

  8. Mysti Cossey (verified owner)

    I was first introduced to this coffee at WDW Kona Cafe where it is brewed in a French Press, and was absolutely amazing. So far, it has been my favorite Joffrey’s brew. I make it in a pour over or French Press, both taste great every time.

  9. Crystal Flowers (verified owner)

    My favorite coffee ever!! We always love going to Polynesian for breakfast and coffee! Best ever!!

  10. Chris Merkel (verified owner)

    So good. I make this in a French press and everyone loves it.

  11. steveandamysilva (verified owner)

    I’m the only one in my family who drinks coffee, and when I ran out of this blend, I had to finish the others I bought before I could order more. I could hardly wait until I could get more of this blend!

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Roastmaster Exclusive Blend For

Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Resort

Kona Blend is raved about by travelers and bloggers alike. We blend it with mild Central American beans just enough to enhance the naturally fruity nuances always present in the Kona. Pairs perfectly with the banana stuffed French toast or the Polynesian’s famous pineapple upside-down cake.