Sourcing the Exceptional Coffee Bean - Roastmaster travels to Colombia

Sourcing extraordinary Coffee Beans – Joffrey’s Roastmasters Travels to Colombia S. America

What makes Joffrey’s special is our attention to the actual bean.  Yes, the bean.  We have personal relationships with coffee farms around the globe to find the most outstanding beans.  We live by the soil to cup experience.   Right now, our roastmasters are headed to Colombia, South American in search of Single Origin coffee beans. They are visiting coffee farms that sell our prized “Micro Lot” coffees (which means rare and extraordinary) and will be little known areas in search of some exceptional coffees to roast especially for you this year.  Stay tuned for more about their trip and the beans they will discover.

Why Columbia?:
For a long time coffee from Colombia was tightly regulated by the government (FNC) and the roasters didn’t get a say in the lot they could order, meaning most of the coffee was a mix of beans from several different farms.  The last couple of years the government has loosened their grip and allowed farmers to sell their prized “Micro Lot” coffees direct to roasters who seek new and exceptional coffee beans.  We are always looking to discover new and different coffees from areas such as this.  Colombia has experienced a rebirth after several years of bad luck with weather and insect issue but they are back and have been said to be producing an even better quality of coffee than ever before; so we’re going to see and taste for ourselves.

Why Visit Now?  It’s a great time of year as the farms are in production and we should get a good look at what is coming for the rest of this year. We bring our mini-roaster so we can roast and do a cupping right there on the farm.

What is a micro lot and why is it special?
Sometimes a farmer will try something different, either experimenting with a new variety of tree, or a new processing method.  What makes the micro lots so special is that they are kept separate from all the other coffees produced on the farm, so if the project the farmer is working on is successful, that coffee is segregated from the rest of the coffee throughout the whole milling process.   Just like a scientific experiment that uses a control group to replicate or improve results.

Micro lots are usually very small amounts of coffee in comparison to the volume the farm usually produces.  They can range in size from only one bag up to about 25 bags.   So when you hear about our special releases, order it right away, because it won’t be available for long.

Cupping in Cafe La Esperanza quality lab & warehouse.

Cupping in Cafe La Esperanza quality lab & warehouse.


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