Spring Coffee Flavors

With spring in full swing there is no better time to add new flavors to your coffee. Add even more spring in your step (and sips) with these trending spring flavors:

  • Floral

    • Lavender
      • Add lavender syrup to your preferred coffee drink for floral and sweet flavor
    • Rose
      • Put some rose water into your milk before frothing a latte or in addition to your hot or iced coffee

  • Sea Salt

    • Adding a bit of sea salt syrup to your favorite coffee can help balance out the bitterness of some coffees, adding a refreshing twist

  • Berrys

    • Blueberry
      • Add blueberry syrup to your favorite cold brew for a sweet and fruity twist
    • Raspberry
      • Add raspberry syrup to a hot or iced latte for some fruity fun added to a classic

What are your favorite spring flavors to add to your coffee?