Make Espresso At Home | AeroPress

We’ve shared some of the most popular and classic brewing tools, such as the French Press and the Pour Over. But did you know there is a way to enjoy coffee that is so new it wasn’t even around in the 1990’s? Not to mention, it can actually produce a coffee that is reminiscent of espresso with the method we outline below!


The tool? The AeroPress!

Fun Facts About The AeroPress:
  • The AeroPress was debuted at a coffee trade show in late 2005
  • The AeroPress was invented by a Stanford Professor and inventor who was frustrated that there was no easy way to brew a single cup of coffee
  • The inventor’s biggest hit before the AeroPress was a frisbee

Learn how to brew an espresso-like beverage using this process below.

What You Need:
The Process:
  • Weigh out 17-21 grams of ground coffee
  • Bring 200 grams of water to a boil
  • Remove cap
  • Insert paper filter into the cap
  • Pour hot water slowly over the filter, to rinse it and allow it to adhere to the cap
  • Assemble the AeroPress (make sure it is completely dry) and place on the scale with the numbers upside down
  • Add your fine coffee grounds
  • Pour 34 grams of hot water(double the amount of water to coffee), making sure the coffee is completely saturated
  • Stir coffee grounds
  • Use remainder of hot water to fill the chamber
  • Wait 1 minute for grounds to steep
  • Get ready to press down hard to push the water through the coffee.*
  • Fasten the cap, flip over, place over your mug
  • Enjoy!

*This step is key! Pushing down rapidly and forcefully will ensure your result is an espresso-like beverage. 

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