Introducing Our 2020 Holiday Blend

This holiday season, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our limited edition 2020 Holiday Blend.

Our new Holiday Blend is a fruity and festive combination of three Specialty Grade Arabica coffees from across the world.

– A delightful Costa Rican coffee from the farm Finca Las Vueltas in Aserri (Tarrazu) Costa Rica, a Joffrey’s partner of 10 years.

– An Ethiopian coffee from the Sidamo region with notes of rich blueberry.

– And a coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia with bright notes of lemon.

The blend of these coffees creates a sensory experience that will leave your taste buds wanting more this Holiday Season. Which flavor are you tasting? Is it Lemon? Do you taste Blueberry? A little bit of Apricot in there as well? You’ll have to taste this festive combination yourself to find out! Also, the fruit notes of this blend make it a quintessential coffee to enjoy using the cold brew method.

Roastmaster Chris paid a visit to the Costa Rican farm to observe the crop and speak with the grower, a long time partner and friend. Take a walk through the beautiful Finca Las Vueltas farm with him below!

Carlos Monge & Family

A special thanks to the farm owner, Carlos, for 10 wonderful years of combining forces with Joffrey’s to create an amazing cup of coffee. Carlos also let us know the ripening of the crop has been very good this year and more generous than usual, making this year’s Holiday Blend one of a kind!

Presidential Savings with Joffrey's

We’re offering a sale on our most presidential brews. Whether you’re looking for your new favorite bold, medium or full blend, or looking to re-stock on your go-to, we have you covered!

Enjoy 20% off Valor Blend®, Captain’s Blend and Presidential Blend coffees, plus 20% off our Stainless Travel Mug – only on Presidents Day (February 17, 2020).

  • Valor Blend® – Using only the finest 100% Arabica Beans, this superior coffee is roasted to a bold profile and delivers a smooth, smoky finish. As an added bonus, for each bag of Joffrey’s Valor Blend® purchased, we donate $1 to the Task Force Dagger Foundation.
  • Captain’s Blend – A smooth and rich combination of 100% Arabica Beans from Indonesia, Africa, and Central America – set sail with this delicious blend.
  • President’s Blend – A full-bodied and aromatic coffee with sweet and smoky undertones – a unified blend of 100% Arabica Beans from Africa, Indonesia and Central America.
  • Stainless Travel Mug – Take your coffee on the go in style with our travel mug that is vacuum-insulated to keep beverages hot for up to 7 hours and cold up to 18 hours, has a locking lid and is BPA free.

Looking to add sparks to your celebration? Try our Stars and Stripes Latte – made in partnership with Monin®

Stars and Stripes Latte
  • Ingredients
    • 2 oz. Joffrey’s Valor® Blend Coffee
    • 1 oz. Monin® Vanilla Spice Syrup
    • 1/2 oz. Monin® White Chocolate Sauce
    • top Steamed Milk
  • Garnishes (optional)
    • Mini-sparklers
    • Glitter Stars
  • Prep
    • Combine ingredients, except milk, in serving cup
    • Stir and set aside
    • Steam milk
    • Pour steamed milk into cup, stirring gently
    • Garnish


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Medium, Dark or Blend Roasts: Do You Know the Difference?

Standing in line for coffee is an inevitable part of life, and Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea is always worth the wait! If you’re craving a great cup, thinking about what you’re going to order is almost as exciting as your first sip. There’s the obvious vanilla latte if you’re in the mood for something uplifting and sweet, the tried and true americano and of course, the cortado for our coffee aficionados. Avid coffee drinkers might mumble the words ‘one hot coffee’ through early morning lips upon arriving at the counter. And although it seems like the easiest option, it’s the only one that comes with a follow up question. Medium or dark roast? Which begs the larger question… Do you know the difference?

There are many common misconceptions about coffee roasts and what each one means. Luckily, Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea is here to clear the coffee-infused air. Because when you’re staring into the eyes of a menu board, you should be able to stare back, confident and ready to be caffeinated! Let’s play a game of True or False to see how well you know your roasts.

TRUE OR FALSE: Medium roasts, like Joffrey’s Colombia coffee, are best paired with breakfast.

True. Medium roast coffees have earned a seat at the breakfast table because of their balanced flavor profile. These coffees boast harmonious levels of acidity and body that make them easy to digest in the morning. Not to mention, it plays nicely with a pancake stack drenched in maple syrup.

When you open a bag of medium roast coffee you’ll be greeted by rich brown beans with little to no natural oils present. Joffrey’s single-origin Colombia coffee is a fan favorite, but also loved amongst our staff. In fact, our Roastmasters refer to it as a “Christmas sparkle” in a cup! The beans for this brew are grown in the Andes Mountains in a high elevation, giving it a robust personality and an even better taste.

See for yourself! Click here to buy Joffrey’s Colombia coffee online.

TRUE OR FALSE: Dark roasts, like Joffrey’s Viennese coffee, have more caffeine.

False. All coffee starts as green coffee – meaning all caffeine levels are created equal. Dark roasts coffees are roasted longer and at a higher temperature, which is what gives them their deep brown color. By increasing the roasting time of the beans, our Roastmasters can tone down the acidity and highlight the body of the coffee to bring out the best nuances.

Dark roasts like Joffrey’s Viennese coffee have visible oils on the beans and bold, caramelized flavor. You’ll find that this popular coffee pairs best with decadent dark chocolate or savory meals. Here’s a pro tip from our Roastmaster: this coffee can be brewed as an espresso.

Click here to buy Joffrey’s Viennese coffee online.


TRUE OR FALSE: Coffee blends, like Joffrey’s Roastmaster’s Reserve, are packed with a variety of natural flavors.

True. Coffee blends are a mixture of one to four different types of coffee deeming them the most adventurous in the roast family! Each coffee in a blend is thoughtfully selected to serve a specific flavor purpose. Our Roastmasters use a variety of coffees to achieve the perfect amount of body, aroma, acidity and fruit notes in your favorite blends. Magical, right?

Speaking of our Roastmasters conjuring up delicious concoctions like wizards, Joffrey’s Roastmaster’s Reserve is an enchanting coffee we can’t get enough of. This blend is made from two hand-selected coffees grown in Africa and the islands of Indonesia. It’s roasted on the dark side with a hint of smoke, but promises to tap into your sweet side with warm swirls of caramel. If you’ve never tried this velvety brew, we strongly recommend you do.

Click here to buy Joffrey’s Roastmaster’s Reserve online.

Now that you understand the difference between roasts, it’s time to expand your coffee drinking horizons! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try a new coffee. Stock up on medium, dark and blended roasts at