Fall For Fall Flavored Coffees

Nothing says fall like sweet and spicy flavored coffees. Sip the season with Joffrey’s favorite fall coffee offerings such as Pumpkin Crème Brûlée, Cinnamon Vanilla Nut, Cinnamon Twist and Nana’s Apple Crumb Cake.

Pumpkin Crème Brûlée flavored coffee

  • A medium roasted blend with notes of pumpkin pie and creamy vanilla custard.

Cinnamon Vanilla Nut flavored coffee

  • A medium roast, blended with the sweetness of vanilla nut and a dash of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Twist flavored coffee

  • A medium roasted blend with notes warm cinnamon sugar cookie and hints of spice.

Nana’s Apple Crumb Cake flavored coffee

  • A medium roast, blended with the sweet taste of French apple crumb cake, caramel and cinnamon.



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At-Home Thanksgiving Recipes

Gobble up these Thanksgiving coffee recipes – perfect to serve with dinner or pair with dessert!

Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food – it’s also about the drinks! Spread some caffeinated cheer this holiday with our exclusive Thanksgiving at-home recipes.

Nana’s Apple Crumb Cake Latte (alcohol-free)



  • Combine coffee and caramel toffee sauce into one mug
  • Steam milk
  • Pour steamed milk slowly into mug
  • Enjoy!

Spiked Turkey Iced Latte (alcoholic)



  • Fill serving glass with ice
  • Pour ingredients into mixing tin
  • Add ice from serving glass to mixing tin
  • Cap, shake and pour back into serving glass
  • Enjoy!


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Pumpkin Crème Brûlée Cold Brew At Home

Our favorite thing about the return of fall? Serving up our Pumpkin Crème Brûlée Cold Brew!

A medium roast with notes of pumpkin pie and creamy vanilla custard – it’s the perfect pick-me-up. Our Pumpkin Crème Brûlée Cold Brew is currently available at all of our kiosk locations. We’re breaking down the recipe below so you can enjoy this festive fall treat at home!

What you need:
  • Take the coffee grounds and insert them into the French Press
    • For a 3-cup French Press you’re going to want to use 2 ounces (4 tbsp) of coffee grounds and 10 ounces of water
    • For an 8-cup French Press you’re going to want to use 5.5 ounces (11 tbsp) of coffee grounds and 30 ounces of water
  • Fill your French Press with the recommended amount of water (make sure the water temperature is cool or room temperature)
  • Cover the French Press with plastic wrap
    • This captures the coffee’s aroma and ensure that it doesn’t pick up the scents of anything else in your fridge
  • Place the wrapped French Press in the fridge for 14-24 hours and put on your favorite Halloween movie – we’ve got some time to kill 😉
  • Take the French Press out of the fridge and plunge away! (Make sure you plunge slowly)
  • Upon consumption, combine 1 part cold brew with 3 parts water
  • Enjoy!

Joffrey's Fall Offerings

Pumpkin season is in full swing at all of our kiosks at Walt Disney World® and Disney Springs®!


Stop by your favorite kiosk or our Disney Springs® The Landing location for your fall favorites –  whether you have your taste buds set on coffee or tea, we’ve got the perfect brew for you! All beverages are available hot or iced, for a limited time.

  • Pumpkin Pie Latte:

    Like pumpkin pie in your cup! This autumn classic is made with espresso, milk and pumpkin pie syrup.

  • Harvest Chai Latte:

    Bring the pumpkin patch and apple orchard to your mug! This fall favorite is made with chai tea, milk and pumpkin pie syrup.

  • Pumpkin Crème Brûlée Cold Brew:A Joffrey’s fall classic sure to make you feel like it’s autumn even in the Florida heat. This delicious cold brew coffee combines pumpkin pie and vanilla custard flavors.

  • Toffee Flight Latte:

    Usually only available at our Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort kiosk outside of the Skyliner and at our Disney Springs® The Landing location- this drink is now available at all Epcot® Theme Park kiosks for a limited time only. This sweet and satisfying espresso based beverage features dark chocolate and sea salt caramel toffee, topped with toffee crumbles and whipped cream.

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Fall Food Flavors to Pair with Joffrey’s Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Latte season is among us – but why stop the Fall flavor frenzy there? It’s no secret that most weekday mornings are spent rushing to work, and grabbing a travel mug of coffee can be the last check on your to-do list. But let’s talk about the times when you actually get a moment to sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy a steamy cup one beautiful sip at a time. Shouldn’t it be something to look forward to and celebrate? We think so. That’s why we’re excited to open your caffeine-craving eyes to a whole new world of ways to enjoy Joffrey’s coffee with Fall-centric food pairings.

DIY Apples Paired with Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Coffee

Apple picking is one of those festive activities that make us feel like it’s Fall, despite the 80-degree weather in October (It’s okay, we still love you Florida!). Not to mention, it’s an adventure that continues well-after we get home and dive into our inventory of apple recipes. We love the idea of pairing a fresh, crisp apple slice that’s drizzled in your favorite toppings with a cup of our Cinnamon Vanilla Nut coffee. It creates a sweet symphony in your mouth that is undeniably Fall.

Thanks to craftberrybush.com for being the masterful minds behind this DIY apple recipe.

Buy Joffrey’s Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Coffee online.

Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts from Datz Dough Paired with Caramel Mudslide Coffee

The season of cool air and crunchy leaves is incomplete without a pumpkin doughnut – especially when it’s from our friends at Datz Dough, right here in Tampa, home of the Joffrey’s Roastery. Datz serves our coffee around the clock, which makes it the perfect spot to indulge in this pairing when the craving hits! And let’s be honest, there’s never a wrong time for coffee and doughnuts. Datz offers a variety of our coffees, so feel free to be adventurous while you’re there. If you haven’t experienced the culinary innovation at Datz, check out their Instagram for a quick taste of what they have to offer. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

If you prefer an at-home doughnut dunking experience, we recommend ordering a bag of our Caramel Mudslide Coffee. Pumpkin dessert + caramel swirled coffee = seasonal success.

Visit Datz Dough here: https://datztampa.com/.

Click here to buy Joffrey’s Caramel Mudslide Coffee online.

Pumpkin Spice Waffles Paired with Roastmaster’s Reserve

Good morning, beautiful! Who else wants to wake up to the smell of Pumpkin Spice Waffles and freshly brewed coffee? (Right, that’s everyone…)  We came across this recipe from Lovely Little Kitchen, and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Imagine hints of velvety caramel and smoke from our Roastmaster’s Reserve coffee followed by a bite of sweet pumpkin spice waffles. This is the real breakfast of champions!

Click here for the waffle recipe.

Buy Joffrey’s Roastmaster’s Reserve online here.d

Caramel S’mores Pops Paired with Joffrey’s President’s Blend

If you’re planning on hosting a get-together this season, Caramel S’mores Pops are a must on your menu! We love them because they remind us of magical summer nights in front of the campfire – but at the same time, make us appreciate how amazing it feels to take a hot sip of coffee on a brisk evening in Fall. Talk about the best of both worlds! These pops are great to enjoy on their own, but they’re even better when swirled in a mug of our President’s Blend. When the marshmallows melt into the smoky undertones of the coffee, you’ll thank us. And your guests will too!

Get the S’mores Pops recipe here.

Buy Joffrey’s President Blend online here.

Maple Sugar Cookies Paired with Pumpkin Crème Brûlée Coffee

If you’ve never met a cookie you didn’t like, prepare to fall in love with Dear Crissy’s Maple Sugar Cookie. With sweet crispy edges complimented by a cloud-like center, this cookie is something like perfection. The only thing that could possibly make this dessert more delicious is dunking it in our Pumpkin Crème Brûlée coffee.

For a less sugary pairing, try resisting the urge to cover your cookies in maple frosting. It’s a tough decision, but either way, we’ve got your back.

Try the cookie recipe here.

Buy a bag of Joffrey’s Pumpkin Crème Brûlée Coffee online here.


For more fun coffee blends and flavors, visit us online at Joffreys.com. Cheers!