Father's Day with Joffrey's

Whether near or far, celebrate with caffeinated moments this Father’s Day.


To celebrate all fathers and father-figures, we’ve put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide filled with the perfect go-to caffeinated gifts and information on coffee Dad will love.

Many coffee drinkers (even Dad!) are unaware of Colombia’s coffee producing history. For many years, many commercial coffee brands had blends that consisted primarily of Robusta beans, while Colombia was solely producing Arabica beans, making it one of the most specialized and sought-after growing regions. Colombian coffee is known to be one of the “richest” coffee in the world.

It is now the second largest producer of Arabica coffee in the world and because of this they have founded a government program (F.N.C. – Federation Nacional de Cafeteros) to help support coffee producers and oversee quality and exporting within the country. Colombia has had its fair share of farming challenges as a result of a common coffee leaf rust called “Roya”, but has since adapted with disease resistant trees with help from the F.N.C. This showcases how resilient this growing region is and the dedication the country has to growing superior coffee.

Processing mill and coffee trees depicted in above photo. Photo Credit: Chris de Mezzo.

Because of Colombia’s rich growing history and superior beans, we have sourced a special coffee from Colombia this year. This single origin, medium roasted coffee comes from a microlot, a very small area of a farm producing above average quality beans, on the Ever Chavez Farm in Nariño, Colombia. This is a Caturra coffee varietal, grown at 2,100 ft. altitude, delivering an intriguing aroma with a well-balanced acidity, and delicate notes of apricot, grape & orange.

Continue reading below for a gift guide and recipe, created just for dad!

Colombia Microlot
  • A medium roast with an intriguing aroma, well-balanced acidity, and delicate notes of apricot, grape & orange.
    • microlot is a plot of land smaller than the farm’s average production area, which is dedicated to growing coffee of exceptional quality.

French Press
  • Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every time with this classic brewing method – and the perfect way to enjoy the apricot, grape and orange taste notes of our Colombia Microlot.
    • New to the French Press? Learn how to brew using this method here.

Kona Blend and Mug Gift Set
  • This gift set includes a Disney Specialty Coffee Collection fan-favorite, Joffrey’s Kona Blend (1 lb./16oz) and a beautiful 22-ounce stainless steel tumbler with an elaborate body design. Perfect for hot and cold beverages.

Tuxedo Coffee


Garnish (optional)

  • Whipped Cream
  • Gold Candy


  • Pour ingredients into serving glass in order listed
  • Add garnish
  • Serve and enjoy!


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5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Scrambling to find the perfect Father’s Day gift? Fear not! Our last minute gift guide promises to ease your shopping woes.

Father’s Day is the prime time to tell your dad how much you love him, feed him breakfast in bed and shower him in “thank you’s” for being born (after all, without him you wouldn’t be here!). Whether you’re spending the day together making unforgettable memories or celebrating from afar, these gifts will undoubtedly bring a smile to his face.


1. Dollar Shave Club Membership + Joffrey’s Doughnut Blend

Wake up and smell the coffee! The male appreciation for a new set of razor blades is evergreen. What better investment than the $1 shave club? When paired with a bag of our Doughnut Blend, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, one sip and shave at a time.

Get it now: the coffee and the gift.



 2. Wake Me Up Soap + European Espresso

We all know getting up in the mornings can be a serious task – especially on Mondays. Amp up your dad’s morning routine with a bar of Wake Me Up soap paired with our European Espresso. This soap is packed with Eucalyptus, an essential oil with a charming aroma, known to boost your senses… In tandem with our espresso, your dad will be ready to rule the world.

Get it now: the coffee and the gift.



 3. Pancake Maker + Breakfast Blend Coffee

Take breakfast to a whole new level with this custom pancake printer and a cup of Joffrey’s Breakfast Blend. Here’s a game changer: you can upload a picture of you and your dad to be printed into a pancake. A match made in heaven, wouldn’t you say?

Get it now: the coffee and the gift.



 4. Fish Flask + Captain’s Blend Coffee

Fishing is a popular activity among dads, and if your dad isn’t into the reel deal, using your fish flask to spike your coffee is a close second. Our Captain’s blend has a finish that lingers like a slow sunset after a day on the water. Take it a step further and present these buzzworthy recipes with your gift.

Get it now: the coffee and the gift.




5. Cigar + Cuban Blend Coffee

Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of relaxation. Give your dad something he can enjoy and reflect on – a savory experience. An evening spent with a cigar in one hand and Cuban Blend coffee in the other is an evening well-spent.

Get it now: the coffee and the gift.