Tea-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Tea has been a symbol of relaxation since the beginning of time. Some people associate tea with raised pinkies accompanied by macarons, tiny sandwiches and polite conversation. While others, quite oppositely, enjoy savoring a hot mug of tea with nothing else but their favorite book.

When the temperature outside starts getting warmer, it’s easy to feel like your work days are getting longer. Luckily for you, we’ve created tea-infused cocktails that will make your happy hour the happiest it’s ever been. These cocktails are perfect guests to invite to a brunch with the girls or your next backyard BBQ. And if you’re looking for a craft cocktail to sweeten up the month notorious for romance, introducing tea into your recipes is a delicious way to impress the love in your life. Regardless of the occasion, it’s time to put a tea-inspired spin on your favorite classic cocktail. Get ready to steep, shake and stir your way to a very refreshing spring.


Joffrey’s Hibiscus Breeze TEA Margarita

Are you fantasizing about sunsets on the beach and the wind playfully whisking through your hair? We are too. That’s why we’ve taken a classic margarita recipe and transformed it into a mid-spring’s dream by adding Joffrey’s Hibiscus Breeze tea. This blend is a mild white tea with hibiscus, which adds floral and tart flavors to this already perfect drink. For a little extra sweetness, we added a house made simple syrup. We don’t know about you, but the best tea company in the world… is in love.

What You’ll Need

Joffrey’s Hibiscus Breeze Tea Simple Syrup

Makes 2 Margaritas 

  • Ice
  • 2 oz. Hibiscus simple syrup
  • 1 large lime, juiced (about 3 tbsp)
  • 1 oz. Hibiscus tea (brewed)
  • 2 oz. tequila of your choice
  • Rim with coarse salt
  • Lime wedges for garnish

Before you tap into your inner mixologist, grab all ingredients and bask in their glorious colors. This is an important step to appreciating a well-deserved beverage, Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea style.



  1. To make the hibiscus simple syrup, start by heating 3/4 cups water and 3/4 cup sugar in a pot (Psssst! Do not let the water boil – you don’t want to burn the sugar). Then add 2 of Joffrey’s Hibiscus Breeze Tea bags and steep for 10 minutes. You can start with two and add a third for extra color or tartness if you prefer.
  2. Strain into a glass bottle (we have pour spouts on hand, but they certainly aren’t necessary) and allow to cool for 30 minutes.
  3. To make two margaritas, add ice, cooled hibiscus simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice, chilled Joffrey’s Hibiscus Breeze Tea and tequila into your cocktail shaker and shake vigorously to combine.
  4. Wet the rims of the glasses with lime juice and dip in salt (we like coarse salt the best). Add fresh ice to fill half of each glass. Strain the margaritas into your prepared glasses, add a lime wedge for garnish or for extra bite and enjoy!
  5. You can store the hibiscus syrup in the fridge for up to one week!

Shake, shake, shake and pour!



Joffrey’s Orange Honeybell Tea Party Punch

Punches are the ultimate crowd pleaser. There are so many fun ways to showcase them with interesting ingredients like fruits and sherbets. Not to mention, punch bowls are a great way to satiate bigger groups, with a lot less work. An entertainer’s best friend, if you will!  A tall glass of iced tea is the traditional way to cool off in the spring heat, but we’re taking it a step further. Introducing Joffrey’s Orange Honeybell Tea Party Punch. An adult-approved twisted tea punch for your next festive gathering. This recipe makes one medium punch bowl.



Making the Punch

  1. To make the tea, bring 2 cups of water to a boil and add ¾ cup Joffrey’s Honeybell Orange tea (in loose-leaf form), stir in and remove from heat. Let steep for 10 minutes, strain with a fine mesh strainer and refrigerate for 30 minutes. You’ll want the tea to be nice and cold for your punch!
  2. In a punch bowl or drink dispenser, layer fruit slices and ice to fill half way.
  3. Add chilled tea, juice, soda and vodka.
  4. Stir and serve in mason jars with extra fruit slices for added flavor and color. Because everything is better in a mason jar.


The best part about these cocktails is their versatility! If you’re looking for extra ideas, try adding Joffrey’s Honeybell Orange tea into champagne for an innovative mimosa. Remember, you can create infused simple syrups out of any of Joffrey’s Coffee and Teas. Simply follow the instructions above and switch out the product. Still want more? Another option is to infuse your favorite spirit with Joffrey’s tea. To infuse tea into vodka or gin, we recommend adding 3-5 tea bags to a standard sized bottle of liquor, let it sit overnight and strain the next morning.

Share your finished cocktails with us on Instagram and tag @Joffreyscoffeeandtea! Get started by purchasing Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea online by clicking here.

We can’t wait to see your creations! Cheers

Alto Mayo Forest Protected Coffee: Fair Trade Coffee with a Conscience

Fair Trade Coffee That Has a Conscience

We’re passionate about coffee and we know you are too – which is why Joffrey’s is committed to roasting the best beans in the world. Producing premium coffee is about taking care of our beans every step of the way, but there’s more behind the brew than you think. Farmers, hard-working communities, an incredible amount of knowledge and of course, the environment are key components to growing the finest coffee possible.

The first step to a beautiful cup of coffee is showing appreciation for the environment it was harvested in. Joffrey’s is proud to align with Disney to support one of our favorite growing regions, Alto Mayo in San Martin, Peru. The ecosystem of Alto Mayo plays a critical role in the survival of Peru’s widespread fauna and flora, and with the launch of the Alto Mayo Protected Forest project, we can help keep it alive.

To support coffee farmers who participate in the Alto Mayo Protected Forest project, we sourced a single origin coffee to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices in Peru and you’re going to love it! Before you try a cup, you should know about the impact you’re helping us make just by drinking it.

Why Revitalize Alto Mayo?

For decades, the Amazon forest has been shrinking due to farmers cutting it down for new crop space, otherwise known as clearcutting. Although the production of new crops is positive looking from the outside in, this type of non-sustainable farming contributes greatly to deforestation. Clearcutting can cause an increase in carbon dioxide emissions, threatening the lives of many animals and plants in the forest. The San Martin area is particularly in critical danger, but the Alto Mayo Protected Forest project seeks to change all of this. As a supplier and roaster of the coffees offered at select signature restaurants at Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort, Joffrey’s is invested in supporting sustainable practices and working with farmers engaged in the project. We are excited to align with Disney to bring this high quality bean to Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort guests. Why, you ask? Because sustainable coffee farming can help deforestation while delivering our fans another delicious brew – and that makes us feel amazing!


Earth Friendly, Animal Loving, Sustainable Goodness

Joffrey’s has always been proud of the relationships we build, whether they’re with our customers or suppliers. We first learned about the Alto Mayo Protected Forest project from Disney’s work with Conservation International (CI) – a global nonprofit organization working to build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet.  Disney helped CI launch a ground-breaking project in the Alto Mayo region of Peru, which is helping support coffee farmers to grow coffee in a way that helps the farmers be more productive while protecting the environment.  When we heard about this amazing work, we welcomed the opportunity and were anxious to learn more. So naturally, we sent our Roastmaster, Chris DeMezzo, to experience it.

And what an adventure it was! After landing in Peru, Chris and his team set out for the farm. First they rode mules and then took a ferry across the river. After drifting across the river, the team hiked an hour and a half through the Amazon to the reserve.

“When we got there, I pulled the farmers aside to get a sense of how they liked working with Conservation International (CI). They had nothing but positive things to say. Then I sat down with CI and asked questions about their involvement and what they’re doing – and concluded that it’s the real deal,” said Roastmaster, Chris DeMezzo. “I felt so good about moving forward with the project.”

The Alto Mayo Protected Forest project also gives coffee farmers the tools, education, funding, and wages they need to use environmentally friendly practices, and employs workers to help maintain sustainable farms. This means that the project is saving hundreds of thousands of acres of endangered species’ habitats, and is curbing greenhouse gas emissions caused by deforestation.

“Meeting the farmers was a humbling experience. I wanted to make sure that they understood that I appreciate and understand all the hard work it takes to produce a good coffee. During our first meeting, I was showing them pictures of all the cafes that serve our coffee at Disney Parks. I wanted them to know that this is where their coffee was going – and for them to be as proud as they deserve to be!” Roastmaster, Chris, shared regarding his visit.

Farmers and their communities will get an economic boost, the air will be cleaner, the forest is conserved, majestic animals keep their homes, and we get top quality sustainably grown coffee in our cups. Who could say no? Next time you buy Joffrey’s coffee online or sip on our coffee at Walt Disney World® Resort or Disneyland® Resort, you can take solace in the fact that you’re drinking coffee with purpose!


The Story Behind Sustainably Grown Coffee

Sustainable coffee farming replenishes nutrients to the soil to keep it healthy and rich. Rich soil produces better beans and better tasting coffee. Would you want anything less in your coffee?

Growing more fair trade coffee is a wonderful thing. But the gleaming story behind this project is that it impacts the lives of the producers in an incredible way. In return for using sustainable coffee farming methods, families are not only being paid more, but they’re receiving access to certain benefits and technologies that they didn’t have before (cooking stoves are just one example). The project also rehabilitates family farms that have been destroyed by Roya, a fungus that devastates coffee farms and financially devastates the families that live and work on them.

The Alto Mayo Protected Forest project doesn’t focus on coffee farmers alone, it helps families that farm shrimp, rice, cocoa, and tea too. When you buy this coffee online or purchase a cup of this coffee at select restaurants at Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort, you’re not just buying a memorable beverage; you’re helping improve the lives of families that call this region home.


Planet Perks

If this coffee supports animals, why shouldn’t it support the planet too? Protecting the Alto Mayo Protected Forest doesn’t just benefit the local ecosystem; it benefits the Earth entirely. Since CI’s work started with their key partner- Peru’s National Service of Natural Protected Areas, the project has generated over 6 million tons of emissions reductions. This is like removing over 1 million cars from the roads for an entire year. If that’s not progress, what is? Of course, there is still much work to be done.

Ordering the Alto Mayo Protected Forest coffee online and enjoying a cup at select restaurants at Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort are two ways you can support the Alto Mayo Protected Forest project. Beyond that, you can take care of the environment every day in small ways that add up to huge gains.

As a consumer, you have quite a bit of power because you can also support environmentally sustainable companies. The more you support companies that do business responsibly, the happier our planet will be. Animals, plants, and people all share the same Earth. Why not make it a better place for ourselves, our kids, and generations to come?

Support the cause. Click here to order Joffrey’s coffee online.



Surprising Coffee Health Benefits

The delicious aroma of coffee and tea make waking up that much easier – and let’s be honest, we all need a little motivation! Coffee and tea help us transition from mornings to meetings, and keep us going when we need a little something extra throughout the day. We love them because they give us something to look forward to, but when you take a closer look, the health benefits of drinking these amazing beverages are the real prize. So, what’s your body thinking when you have a cup of coffee or tea in hand?

Better Mood & Less Pain

We all know that coffee and tea can boost our energy, but did you know that it can improve our moods and help us feel less pain? Caffeine can help the body release hormones that keep you active, and controls blood pressure. All of this only takes ten minutes![i] Who knew our favorite caffeinated friends were so quick and efficient? Caffeine can also help increase the release of feel-good neurotransmitters, like dopamine, which makes pain receptors less sensitive and improves the mood.[ii] In a nutshell, whether you’re doing brutal jump squats at the gym, having an exhausting week at work, waking up at 5:00 a.m. with toddlers, or doing all three, coffee and tea can help ease the pain and improve your mindset while you do it! Raise your hand if you want more Joffrey’s coffee and tea, please!

So, coffee and tea can help us face a rough day (or week) by waking us up, dulling the pain, and making us feel brand new. That’s heavy praise for these two drinks, but what if coffee and tea were even more than all of that? What if both could improve our health? It turns out that they can! Just in case you needed another reason to buy Joffrey’s coffee and tea online.


Did You Know Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Helps Prevent Diseases?

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a scary disease that impacts many, which is why packing your diet with preventative antioxidants is so important! Antioxidants help our bodies fight free radicals (molecules that harm our bodies and cause diseases), which are a prominent cause of cancer.  Everyone’s body has free radicals; but we don’t develop cancer unless the number of free radicals increases and becomes out of control. It just so happens that coffee and tea both have antioxidants that neutralize these free radicals and help us lead cancer-free lives! . Did you know that Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other food source? (Per University of Scranton) See? Coffee and tea pack a lot of power!

The antioxidants in some teas (especially from the Camellia plant) and all coffees are called polyphenols. It turns out, polyphenols put up quite a serious “Muhammed Ali in his heyday” style fight against free radicals. Did you know that coffee has more antioxidants than fruits and veggies?[iii] We’re not knocking fruits and veggies; we support them 100%. We’re just saying that our old friends, coffee and tea, are pretty  amazing too. Now that we know both drinks can save our lives, why not buy more Joffrey’s coffee and tea online, sit back, relax and drink it all in?

Cardio Health

Coffee and tea can also promote cardiovascular health…especially artery health. When we’re young, we don’t necessarily think of cardio health, but if we pay attention to it now, we’re more likely to be healthy and happy a few decades down the road.

It turns out that those who drink tea have healthier arteries just minutes after drinking it…minutes! If you’re a tea drinker, know that Green tea could have one of the strongest impacts on cardio health, while coffee could benefit you regardless of the type[iv]. We know that coffee and tea hold special places in your hearts, but did you ever think they could impact your whole cardiovascular system?[v]

While many of us may wish Joffrey’s coffee and tea could replace treatments our doctors prescribe us, we’ll always require medical care…but we can sip coffee and tea to help stay healthy and know that our tickers are well taken care of!

Type 2 Diabetes

The health benefits of coffee and tea don’t stop at the cardiovascular system. Both can protect against type 2 Diabetes too! A Harvard study showed that those who increased their coffee intake by more than one cup a day over a 4-year period were likely to have an 11% lower type 2 Diabetes risk over the next 4 years, compared with people who didn’t change their coffee intake.[vi] Tea (especially green tea) helps prevent type 2 Diabetes too, because it helps regulate the body’s sugar metabolism.[vii] This is great news! In the mood to buy some Joffrey’s coffee and tea online? We recently launched a few new and exciting collections! Check out our organics and origins coffee. They taste so good that you won’t even realize they’re good for you.

Parkinson’s Disease

Oh, coffee and tea, what can’t you do? Coffee and tea may even help prevent Parkinson’s Disease and improve symptoms. Apparently, the caffeine in both drinks is the saving grace, and coffee and black tea may both help decrease the risk of Parkinson’s Disease. (Parkinson’s Foundation) For those who already have Parkinson’s, drinking coffee can block the malfunctioning brain signals in Parkinson’s patients, and help them function better.[viii]



Buying Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Online? Consider it Brain Food for Your Mind and Body.

Supercharging the Mind

Coffee can supercharge the mind by increasing vigilance, reaction time, and cognitive function. After you drink caffeine, it travels through your bloodstream right to your  brain. Once it’s inside the brain, it increases the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine, which keep your mind alert and on top of things.[ix]

Since caffeine is the magical ingredient responsible for this brain boost, we can assume that teas can have the same impact (if you drink the amount of tea needed to equal the caffeine in coffee). So, pick your favorite brain-juice and get to drinking! Of course, if you love both drinks equally, you can always buy Joffrey’s coffee and tea online and switch off day by day, so that neither drink feels neglected.

Fighting Brain Decline

Coffee is so good for the brain that it has the ability to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by reducing brain inflammation. Studies prove that seniors who drink coffee not only delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, but can avoid it altogether. How does this magic work? Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Caffeine blocks inflammation in the adenosine receptors in the brain, and this inflammation can start a chain reaction that causes mental decline. All the more reason to schedule regular coffee dates with Grandma and Grandpa (or Mom and Dad)! You could even slip a few bags of Joffrey’s coffee into their stockings at Christmas for a nice holiday treat. If they’re not fans of coffee, no worries, tea has caffeine too! Check out our fun flavors of coffee and tea online.

Helping us Feel Good and Look Good

Coffee and tea can prevent disease and help us feel good, but what if we told you they can also help us look good? If this raised your eyebrows, today’s your lucky day because it’s actually true. And when we look good, we feel good too!

Lean and Mean

So, we know that coffee and tea can boost your energy before a workout, which clearly can keep you lean and mean, but it just so happens that Joffrey’s coffee and tea can help in other ways. Starting with our calorie counters, coffee and tea both have a great taste and few calories. You can drink these liquid treats to your heart’s content and they’re only two calories per cup! In fact, many recommend three cups of coffee or four to six cups of tea per day.

Also, coffee and tea can help suppress your appetite, which can curb the temptation to snack throughout the day. Both of these lovely liquids also aid in thermogenesis (one way your body generates heat and energy from digesting food), which increases the metabolism.[x] Of course, nobody’s going to lose a two clothing sizes just drinking coffee or tea, but both drinks can ramp up the impact of any healthy eating and exercise regimen you’re following.

Did you know that coffee can also speed up the digestive system? Drinking coffee promotes the release of gastrin (a hormone that makes the digestive system more active and causes food to move through the system quicker.) This means coffee can prevent weight gain and bloat that a sluggish digestive system would normally cause (and this is a common problem – unfortunate, we know). (The Gut – Journal of gastroenterology) In short, be thankful your caffeinated friend is here to save the day…especially after a big meal!

The information we just mentioned came from studies that used plain tea and coffee…not fancy caramel mocha Frappuccinos with 3 tbsps. of sugar, syrup, chocolate, milk, and cream. Although we do respect fancy coffee drinks, guzzling them every day probably won’t support weight loss any more than eating cupcakes every day would. If plain coffee and tea aren’t your “cup of tea” (wink), but you want the low-cal benefit, there are plenty of flavors that will spice up your drink without adding calories.

Stevia is a great natural low calorie sweetener. For flavor, try cinnamon, vanilla extract, or mint oil to add some punch to the plain coffee or tea. Also, when you’re buying Joffrey’s coffee and tea online, remember, we have many tea flavors to choose from. Not to mention, teas rarely taste plain, even if you don’t add anything to them. If you’re a coffee fan, try flavored Joffrey’s coffees to start, and add other low-cal flavors to taste.


Skin & Beauty


Coffee skin rub and tea bags are popular in the beauty market, and we couldn’t be happier. Coffee rubs are now being used as anti-aging remedies, which makes sense because coffee has tons of antioxidants (which fight signs of aging). Also, caffeine boosts blood flow to the skin, which fights aging too. (An anti-aging double whammy! Yippee!)

Puff-Free Morning Skin Mask

We all know that putting tea bags under the eyes is an age-old remedy, but the tea bags  do reduce puffiness and leave the eyes looking brighter and more awake. You can take this a step further and de-puff your whole face in the morning by making a facemask out of coffee or tea. You may look like a scary swamp creature with a mask on your face, but once you take it off, you’ll be look radiant, flawless, and fabulous! After you buy Joffrey’s coffee and tea online and drink it up, don’t forget to put some aside for your morning beauty routine.

Fresh Glowing Skin

Another reason coffee impresses us is that it’s a great exfoliate for the skin. Rubbing the skin with coffee grounds can reduce dryness and  the appearance of fine lines, which will leave your skin with a fresh youthful glow!  That along with the kick of energy you’ll get from drinking the coffee, could make you feel a decade younger. You never know!

Cellulite, be Gone!

If you thought the beauty benefits of coffee and tea were over, you were wrong. Coffee and tea can also reduce the appearance of cellulite, but only temporarily.  Because coffee and tea both have caffeine and caffeine is a diuretic, you can rub it into your skin to draw out the excess fluid build-up that causes the dimply appearance of cellulite. Need a beach body in a hurry? We’ve got your back.

Drink it, Rub it, Mask it, Love it

With so much evidence suggesting coffee to be a great part of your day why not have a cup or three? Coffee and tea have been around for centuries and both get lots of love from all around the world. As science discovers more and more about coffee and tea, it’s safe to say that they’re the gifts that keep on giving. Knowing this, nobody would fault you for stocking up on coffee and tea online, keeping some for yourself, and sharing the rest of these fabulous drinks with the ones you love.



[i] As mentioned by Dr. Laura Klein, Ph.D., associate professor of biobehavioral health at Penn State University

[ii] Via Heidi Skolnik, M.S., sports nutritionist

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[v] Dr. Seinbaum, a cardiologist and Director of Women’s Heart Health at Lennox Hill Hospital in NYC

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[vii] Dr. Seinbaum, a cardiologist and Director of Women’s Heart Health at Lennox Hill Hospital in NYC

[viii] Michael Schwarzschild, MD, PhD, of Massachusetts General Hospital

[ix] Nutrition Bulletin & Journal of Psychopharmacology

[x] Mayo Clinic


Website References:















The Many Uses of Coffee – Mary, Mary Quite Contrary 


Trick or Treat, Joffrey’s Coffee is Sweet

We all remember running around our neighborhoods as kids in funny Halloween costumes and filling our pillowcases with candy.  And who could forget about the quintessential candy trade at the end of the night? “I’ll give you a pack of licorice for a king-sized chocolate bar.” Ah, the memories! Who says the Halloween fun can’t continue into adulthood? When you buy our coffee online,  you’ll find treats to satisfy the kid in you and your adult palate.  There are so many yummy flavors of Joffrey’s coffee for you to choose from! Let the adventures begin!


Chocolate Lovers, This is for You!


Loyalty to chocolate runs deep! If you love it now, you probably loved it back in your trick-or-treating days too. We’re right there with you. Chocolate is irresistible. Now you can overcome your chocolate cravings when you buy coffee online. Our Roastmasters have created an impressive assortment of tempting Joffrey’s coffee chocolate flavors just for you!

Whether you like a chocolate-nut combo, or you’re just nuts for chocolate, you’re in for a serious treat! Our Chocolate Turtle and Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffees are a tasty blend of caramel and nuts that will keep you smiling with every sip! Another nutty coffee mixed with a European flair is our Swiss Chocolate Almond, the perfect coffee to curl up with on a crisp October morning.

Then, jumping to another European country, we have our Dutch Chocolate. This is for all of you chocolate purists, who prefer chocolate to be the star flavor in your cup of Joe. When it comes to chocolate, the Dutch know how it’s done! Last, but not least, for our chocolate covered fruit lovers, there’s our Chocolate Raspberry coffee. It’s smooth and sweet with hints of flavor that will remind you of fruit-dipped chocolate. Joffrey’s coffee satisfies all guilty pleasures. It’s all about finding your favorite…but wait…there’s more!


Dessert Delights


Every neighborhood has that one family that hands out baked goods on Halloween, and it’s always a fun surprise. Now you can take your baked-goods experience on Halloween to the next level with Joffrey’s Coffee dessert flavors.. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with our Pumpkin Crème Brûlée? Imagine pumpkin pie with a hint of vanilla custard. Tempted yet? Not so fast… our Bananas Foster is also sure to please, with banana, brown sugar, butter and rum conspiring with specialty grade Arabica beans to create a dessert coffee that you can’t resist! We also can’t forget our Coconut Cream, flavored after one of America’s favorite pies…with a hint of graham cracker to seal the deal. Can’t choose one? Try all three!

For the cookie lovers,  you can’t go wrong with our Biscoffee Cookie Crumble, flavored after Belgium’s most popular cookie. Another crunchy cookie-inspired delight is Joffrey’s Butter Crunch coffee.. This coffee is flavored with hints of this yummy butter cookie to make it the perfect caffeinated pick-me-up with your sweet afternoon snack. Last and oh so loved is the Pecan Praline. Imagine a mix of pecan, caramelized sugar, and specialty grade Arabica coffee to finish it off with a richness fit for royalty! Yes, the world is a magical place for dessert lovers who buy coffee online.


An Ode to Sinful Cinnamon…and Joffrey’s Coffee


What would the fall season be without its most beloved spice, cinnamon? Our cinnamon coffees embody fall in all its glory…and the sinfully sweet desserts that come with it. Joffrey’s Cinnamon Twist tastes like a snicker doodle hopped into your cup of coffee and melted…gifting your mouth with the flavor of a warm cinnamon sugar cookie and a pinch of spice. Our Cinnamon Vanilla Nut coffee is the perfect blend of creamy and nutty with a kick of spice, leaving hints of vanilla bean, almonds, and of course, cinnamon.


Hungry Yet?

After hearing about all of Joffrey’s sweet coffee flavors, there’s no doubt that you’ll be daydreaming of sugar, spice, and everything nice, and reminiscing about your Halloween days as a kid.  If your tummy’s rumbling, grab some dessert, brew a cup of your favorite Joffrey’s coffee and enjoy the moment! If you don’t have Joffrey’s coffee, now is the perfect time of year to buy coffee online and try some of our fall-friendly flavors. You know where to find us! Oh, and Happy Halloween!



Celebrate Fall with Joffrey’s National Pumpkin Day Giveaway!

There’s no better symbol of Fall than the majestic, sought after pumpkin! How did the pumpkin go from minding its own business to being the star of Halloween? Believe it or not, the Halloween pumpkin tradition actually started in Ireland, where the Irish would carve faces into turnips and put candles or burning coals in them to ward off evil spirits at night. When Irish immigrated to the U.S. hundreds of years ago, they wanted to keep up with the tradition. They discovered that the bright orange fruits in their new home country were much easier to carve than turnips…and some of them probably realized that pumpkins were a lot prettier too! (Sorry, turnips.) The Irish soon forgot about the turnips and started carving pumpkins instead. That’s how the modern-day Halloween Jack O Lantern was born!

Not only do pumpkins have an interesting history, they add so much fun and flavor to our lives. We use them to bake, decorate, carve, and most importantly, add their delicious flavors to our favorite fall drinks. (Who can resist a drink flavor that begins with “Pumpkin Spiced”?)  Since pumpkins spice up our lives in so many ways, don’t you think they deserve to be celebrated on more than just one day a year (Halloween)? We do too. That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate National Pumpkin Day on October 26th! To celebrate this glorious fruit, we’re giving away one bag of Pumpkin Crème Brûlée coffee and one bag of Pumpkin Pie Pu’Erh tea.

To win these fun fall coffees, enter the contest on Facebook or Twitter…and while you’re waiting for us to announce the winners, try to avoid passing the turnips in the produce section next time you’re at the grocery store. They’re not fans of pumpkin-lovers…


Here’s how to enter on Facebook:

  1. Visit our Facebook page here.
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  3. Like the post and tag a friend in the comment section.
  4. Cross your fingers for the win!

Here’s how to enter on Twitter:

  1. Visit our Twitter page here.
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  3. Retweet it!
  4. Wait until October 28th when we announce the winner.

The winner will be announced on October 28th, 2016. Good luck!

*Please note one entry per person will be considered


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Trio of Coffee-Inspired Dessert Recipes

Trio of Coffee-Inspired Dessert Recipes

Created by Chef Tony Marotta at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside


Have you ever tried a dessert made with Joffrey’s coffee?! Well now you can. Walt Disney World Chef, Tony Marotta, hosted a live demo at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival to show us just how magical coffee desserts can be. Here are three amazing recipes to try at home!  You’re going to love every bite.


Café au Lait Pot de Crème,Vanilla Cappuccino Shooter and Mocha Crème Puff with Coffee Ganache

Servings: 4


Café au Lait Pot de Créme

¾ cup milk

½ cup heavy cream

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

2 tablespoons light brown sugar

1 cup Joffrey’s French Press coffee, reduced by 75%  

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Pinch kosher salt

1 whole egg

2 egg yolks



  1. Preheat oven to 325°F.
  2. Heat the milk, cream, sugars, espresso, vanilla and salt in a medium saucepan over low heat until just boiling. Remove from heat. Whisk the egg and yolks in a measuring cup and temper by mixing in a small amount of the cream mixture into the eggs before adding the rest of the cream mixture.
  3. Pour into 4 (4-ounce) ramekins and arrange on a baking dish. Fill the baking dish halfway with very hot water but not boiling, being careful not to splash water into the ramekins.
  4. Place in the oven on the center rack and bake 25 minutes. The edges will be set and the center a touch looser. Remove from the pan and refrigerate immediately.


Vanilla Cappuccino Shooter

1 cup freshly brewed Joffrey’s Coffee – try our French Roast for this!

1 cup vanilla ice cream

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

1 cup ice

½ cup heavy cream

1 tablespoon powdered sugar

½ teaspoon cinnamon, optional



  1. In a steel shaker cup, add the coffee, ice cream, vanilla extract and ice.
  2. Shake well and strain into glasses.
  3. Combine the powdered sugar and heavy cream in a stainless-steel mixing bowl, whip to a soft peak.
  4. Top the shot with the whipped cream and dust with cinnamon (optional).



Mocha Créme Puff with Coffee Ganache (pastry)

1 cup water

1 stick unsalted butter

½ teaspoon salt

1 ½ teaspoons granulated sugar

1 cup all-purpose flour

4 whole eggs



  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
  2. In a saucepan, bring the water, butter, salt and granulated sugar to a boil.
  3. Remove from the heat and add the flour. Mix well for 30 seconds.
  4. Return the pan to the heat and cook, continuously stirring for 1 minute to dry the remaining moisture.
  5. Add to the bowl of an electric mixer with paddle attachment. Turn to medium speed, mix for 1 minute to remove steam.
  6. Add eggs one at a time with the mixer on. Mix until the dough is smooth and the eggs are completely incorporated. Place in piping bag and pipe into puffs on sheet pan.
  7. Bake 15 minutes at 425 degrees F, then reduce the heat to 375 and bake for 20 additional minutes. Let cool on a wire rack.


Mocha Créme Puff with Coffee Ganache (cream filling)

3 cups whole milk

1 tablespoon Joffrey’s Italian Espresso reduction (1/2 cup reduced by 75%)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

6 tablespoons cornstarch

8 egg yolks

¾ cup granulated sugar

2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened



  1. In a small saucepan, combine the milk, espresso and vanilla extract.
  2. Bring to a boil and remove from the heat. Stir in the cornstarch and set aside.
  3. Combine the yolks and sugar in the bowl of a standing mixer with the whisk attachment. Beat until light and fluffy.
  4. Pour 1/3 of the hot milk mixture into the mixer while it’s on low to temper the eggs. Then return this tempered mixture back to the saucepan and mix well over low heat.
  5. Let it simmer for 30 seconds and then transfer to a small stainless steel bowl.
  6. Stir in the butter and then place in the refrigerator to cool completely.
  7. When cool, place plastic wrap over the bowl and press down onto the surface of the cream to prevent a skin from forming. Refrigerate until ready to assemble.


Coffee Ganache

1 cup heavy cream

1 tablespoon Joffrey’s Italian Espresso reduction (1/2 cup reduced by 75%)

8 ounces chocolate morsels



  1. In a small saucepan on high heat, bring the cream and espresso to a boil.
  2. Pour into a stainless steel bowl containing the chocolate morsels, whisk until the ganache forms. Let sit for 10 minutes to set up.


For Mocha Cream Puff Assembly: 

  1. Place the cream into a pastry with a star-tip.
  2. Pierce the bottom of a cream puff pastry and fill with cream.
  3. Dip the top of the cream puff in the ganache for an even coating.


Iced Coffee Popsicles? Yes, Please!

Whether you’re looking for your morning caffeine fix, or a mid-day cool-down, we’ve got exactly what you need! Why drink your coffee from a cup when you can eat it like ice cream?



Before you break out the ice molds, here are a few tips to ensure that your frosty treats turn out fabulous every time!

First, if you can, use cold-brew coffee. This type of coffee responds better to freezing than hot-brewed coffee that’s been chilled. Strong coffee is key because it holds flavor better than average strength coffee after it’s frozen. Another consideration: it’s better to refrigerate your coffee popsicles right before you freeze them. This cuts down on freezing time and will give your popsicles the best texture.


Coconut Milk Iced Coffee Popsicles: Frozen Chunk of Tropical Twist

What to Buy

  • Coconut Milk
  • Cold brew coffee (make beforehand)
  • Coffee of your choice
  • Powdered sugar, agave, honey, simple syrup, or any sweetener that easily dissolves
  • Popsicle tray
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Coconut shreds

How to Make

Pour one-part coconut milk with two parts iced coffee into a container for mixing. Whisk them together and sweeten to taste. (If you want to get fancy, put any other liquid or easily dissolvable flavoring in with it too!) Refrigerate until cold, pour the liquid into a popsicle tray, add popsicle sticks, and then freeze! Once the popsicles are frozen, take them out of the tray, brush them with syrup or honey, roll them in coconut shreds, and serve! Another way to add the coconut shreds is to add them to the popsicle before it freezes…but keep in mind that this will make the texture of the popsicle much rougher.

Vanilla Ice Cream Iced Coffee Popsicles: Light, Sweet, and Oh Such a Treat

What to Buy

Vanilla in Your Coffee Popsicle?

Vanilla Ice Cream in a Coffee Popsicle? Absolutely!

  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Cold brew coffee (make beforehand)
  • Popsicle tray
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Chocolate chips (optional)
  • Cinnamon (optional)

How to Make

Who said “vanilla means ordinary”? This lovely pop is anything but ordinary, with your morning cup of Joe, and your evening dessert all poured into one! Pour one-part strong iced coffee and one part softened vanilla ice cream into a container and mix them with a whisk. (Add chocolate chips if you want a vanilla chocolate mix, or cinnamon for an exciting twist!) Pour the mixture into a popsicle tray, add popsicle sticks, and refrigerate the tray until the mixture becomes cold. Then, freeze it.

Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicles: The Heavenly Hybrid of Chocolate and Coffee

What to Buy

  • Cold brew coffee (make beforehand)
  • Cocoa powder or cocoa mix
  • Popsicle tray
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Honey
  • Milk, cream, or half and half

How to Make

If you love chocolate, coffee and popsicles, this is the treat for you! First, make homemade hot cocoa. Heat milk, half-and-half, or cream until very warm  (milk will have the thinnest consistency and cream will have the thickest). Pour the heated liquid (whichever you’ve chosen) over one-part cocoa powder. Then, add two parts sugar, and stir well with a whisk. Let the cocoa cool. Then, add two parts strong iced coffee to the one-part homemade hot cocoa, stir with a whisk again, then allow the mixture to cool to room temperature.

After that, pour it into the popsicle tray, pop a stick in each soon-to-be popsicle, refrigerate the tray until it turns cold, then freeze it. For an extra bit of sweetness, before you serve the pops, you can drizzle them with a bit of honey and sprinkle sweet cocoa powder (or hot chocolate mix) onto the popsicles.


Almond Milk Iced Coffee Popsicles: Nothin’ Nutty About It!

Almond and Coffee: Oh What a Beautiful Pair!

Almond and Coffee: Oh What a Beautiful Pair!

What to Buy

  • Cold brew coffee (make beforehand)
  • Coca powder or coca mix
  • Popsicle tray
  • Popsicle sticks


How to Make

Mix a 1:1 ratio of strong iced coffee to unsweetened almond milk (or sweetened almond milk, if you like an extra sugary kick). Then, add sugar to sweeten until it tastes just right. If you’d like a little extra excitement, add a drop of vanilla extract…but use it sparingly, otherwise your popsicles will taste like you’ve spiked them with alcohol! Then, whisk that yummy mixture up and let it cool in the fridge. When it’s cold, transfer it to the freezer, add popsicle sticks and wait.

Before serving the pops, brush them with cooled simple syrup and coat them in slivered almonds. If you want to make your pops even more interesting, drizzle them with chocolate syrup on top of the almonds! Who could say no to that?!


Feel Free to Get Creative and Crazy!

While the recipes above are sure to put a smile on any mouth, feel free to play with the ingredients to come up with your own frozen bundles of creative goodness! Anything that can be mixed with liquid and frozen can be included in coffee popsicles. Think cookie dough, sprinkles, caramel, fruit, and etc.! Also, you can come up with lots of tasty creations using Joffrey’s flavored coffees in your popsicles. Try Biscoffee Cookie Crumble, Butter Crunch, or Chocolate Macadamia Nut to start! Have any creative ideas of what the next new coffee popsicle should be? Leave us a comment and let us know!

How to Make Iced Coffee Like a Pro

When summer rolls around and the sweltering heat moves in, a steamy cup of coffee might not be your beverage of choice. Iced coffee is here to save the day! You don’t even have to pay $5 per glass at a coffee shop to enjoy it.

It’s time to learn how to make iced coffee at home, with a variety of methods. In this article, we will teach you how to make cold-brew coffee, how to properly cool hot coffee, and how to make frappés and iced coffees from around the world! This is a lot of information, but enjoy the learning process. It’s OK to take it slowly.

Iced Coffee is More than Just Coffee That’s Cold

The first step to learning how to make iced coffee is understanding the importance of the type of bean and the flavor. Certain flavors and blends taste especially good brewed, chilled, and served over ice. Our Jamaican Me Crazy, or Chocolate Macadamia Nut blends, offer refreshing flavor on a hot summer day. Not a flavor person? Try this technique with our Viennese or Cuban Blend coffees. Both are bold and bright, and taste great on ice.

(If you’re not a coffee person, our Lemon Ginger Tea, when iced, is a zesty burst of sunshine, while Pineapple Coconut is the perfect tropical excursion. Remember to use double the amount of tea when planning to put it on ice. Brew, cool, pour over ice and let summer bliss take you away.)



Method 1: How to Make Cold-Brew Coffee

To learn how to make iced coffee that’s sweeter, smoother, and has no bitter taste at all, this is your best bet. Here’s how to make cold-brew coffee:

What You Need:

  • Beans – Try Joffrey’s Jamaican me Crazy coffee beans (If you don’t have a grinder and plan to purchase ground beans, French press grind is best.)
  • Coffee grinder
  • Container with lid
  • Filtered water

How to Make:

  • Step 1: Why the Container is Important – How to make cold-brew coffee is one question, but the other question is where to put it. Be sure to put the coffee in a sterilized (i.e. washed with antibacterial soap) pitcher or jar that has a lid. The sterilization and the lid will keep the funk out of your coffee! Without them, bacteria, dust, and other grime can grow or fall into it. Gross!
  • Step 2: Grinding Beans – A key step in learning how to make cold-brew coffee is choosing the right settings on your grinder. If you have a grinder with fully customized settings, choose the coarsest setting. If you don’t own the Ferrari of all grinders, you probably have one with pre-set factory settings. In this case, choose the French press setting.

Test the size of the grounds by grinding a small amount first. The grounds should be the consistency of breadcrumbs. Also, this will be served over ice, which will dilute the coffee…so grind more than you normally would if you want the cold coffee to match the strength of your usual hot coffee.

  • Step 3: Pour into Container…or French Press– Place the grounds into the container or French press and pour cold water over them. When thinking about how to make cold-brew coffee, decide what strength is best for you. Typically, a 1:8 coffee to water ratio will make regular strength coffee.
  • Step 4: Stir – Stir the coffee and water gently until the two are well combined. Cover the container and let the coffee steep for 18-24 hours in or outside of the refrigerator. Don’t leave your coffee in the container or French press for over 24 hours, or the flavor will “over-extract” and the coffee will taste bitter. If you mistakenly allow the coffee to steep for over 24 hours, you have two options: throw it away or use the leftover grounds in an exfoliating mask – your sun kissed skin will thank you!
  • Step 5: Strain – Strain the coffee into a large bowl through a sieve to remove the larger grounds. Discard the large grounds, put cheesecloth into the sieve, and strain the coffee back into the jar.

What? You’re not a gourmet cook who happens to have cheesecloth lying around? We’ve got your back. A durable paper towel will work as a substitute. Proper straining is an important step when considering how to make cold-brew coffee. Poorly strained coffee tastes sandy. Who wants a grimy cup of Joe after all of that work?

  • Step 6: Serve – Serve your coffee over ice, with milk, sugar, and any other flavorings and yumminess that will dissolve well in a cold beverage.

Method 2: Steam ‘er Up & Cool ‘er Down: How to Make Iced Coffee by Hot Brewing & Cooling

Knowing how to make iced coffee by brewing it hot is useful if you prefer minimal prep time and if you don’t have coarse ground coffee on hand to brew it cold.

What You Need:

  • Beans, if you have a grinder, or ground coffee if you don’t
  • Coffee grinder
  • Container with lid
  • Water

How to Make:

  • Step 1: Making Hot Coffee First – Brew your coffee hot using whichever method suits you. Better quality coffee will taste better in the end, so choose wisely. If you like flavored coffees, try our Pumpkin Crème Brûlée, Bananas Foster, or French Vanilla. If you’re not a fan of flavored coffee, try one of our coffees from around the world, or one of our varietals or blends! Make your coffee stronger than usual if you’re planning to turn it into iced coffee, because the ice will dilute the coffee.
  • Step 2: Flavoring – Add any sugar, milk, and flavorings you’d like while the coffee is hot. Flavorings dissolve better in hot liquid.
  • Step 3: Container – Transfer the coffee into a sterilized container and let it cool to room temperature for one hour. (See the cold-brew coffee instructions to read about why sterilizing the container is important.)
  • Step 4: Refrigerate – Put the container in the refrigerator and allow it to cool for two hours.
  • Step 5: Add Ice – Pour the coffee into cups and add the ice to the cups. It’s important to ice the coffee only when you serve it. If you add ice beforehand, it will melt and dilute the coffee resulting in a very watery iced coffee.

Cold Brew vs. Hot Brew: Taste Differences

Now that you know how to cold-brew coffee, let’s talk about the taste differences between the cold and hot brewed coffee. We already mentioned that cold-brewed is sweeter, smoother, and less acidic than hot-brewed. The good thing about hot-brewed coffee though, is that it’s more flavorful, full-bodied, and aromatic. When you choose flavors for your iced coffee, think about which type of coffee (cold or hot-brewed) would taste best with the flavor you prefer.

Method 3: How to Make Iced Coffee Frappés

The directions below will describe how to make iced coffee frappés plain, but you can be creative and add any flavoring you’d like to your fun frothy frap! (The next section will offer some tantalizing ideas!) Without further ado, here are the instructions. May the froth be with you!

The recipe below serves two, but can be modified to serve any number of people. Just make sure you pay attention to the ratios in the recipe. For larger recipes, the ratios of ingredients should be the following:

  • Ratio of coffee to water – 2:3
  • Ratio of milk to coffee – 1:3
  • Ratio of ice to coffee – 1:1
  • Ratio of tbsp. of sugar to number of servings of coffee – 1:1

What you Need:

  • Coffee (cold-brewed or cooled hot-brewed)
  • ½ cup of milk
  • 2 tbsp. of sugar
  • 5 cups of ice
  • Any flavoring you’d like to add
  • 1 blender
  • A coffee machine, French press, or another means to brew coffee

How to Make:

  • Step 1: Milk and Sugar – Add milk and sugar to the blender with the coffee.
  • Step 2: Ice – Add ice to the blender.
  • Step 3: Flavoring – Add flavors of your choice.
  • Step 4: Puree – Puree the mixture in your blender.

How to Make Iced Coffee Frappés with Flavorful Add-Ins

What you add to your iced coffee all depends on the kind of coffee drinking experience you’re looking for. Do you want a simple glass of coffee with a slight twist to tickle your taste buds? Do you want something more filling, but still fresh tasting? Do you want your coffee to taste like a dessert with caffeine, or tropical paradise in a glass? Below are a few flavoring suggestions on how to make iced coffees that achieve all of the above.

Simple Frappé with a Small Kick

If you’re more of a coffee purist who’s open to adding a little zing to your drink, you might try a fresh add-in. Mint leaves are a great choice and will leave your drink tasting fresh. If you like spicy drinks, a small amount cayenne pepper will add a nice kick without dramatically changing the flavor.

Thin slivers of orange peel will give your drink a little zesty citrus punch, which is oh so refreshing on a hot summer day! Fruit is also an option. Add between one half of a serving and a full serving of your favorite fruit to the drink, and grind it up in the blender. (One serving is a ½ cup of chopped fruit, or one medium sized whole fruit.)

Filling & Fruity Fun Frappé

To make your drink more filling, mix a lot of fresh fruit into your coffee (more than one serving) and puree it all together. This will give you a coffee-fruit smoothie. Flavors like peach, orange, and mango taste great together. Orange and pineapple also complement each other well, as do strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. For a sweet flavor with a warm aftertaste, try apples (or apple sauce) and cinnamon! Once you make the coffee, it should stay fresh for 3 days in the fridge!

Tropical Paradise in a Glass Frappé

If you’d like your coffee to taste like a Caribbean vacation, try adding pineapple and coconut shavings alone or try adding them along with mango.

Dessert Coffee Frappé

Dare to drink your dessert! The possibilities for dessert iced-coffee frappés are limitless. You could go with candy and add M&Ms®, Snickers® bars, or blend any type of sweet treat with your coffee, and add ice cream to top it off. Ice cream can also be mixed with fruit, chocolate sauce, Nutella®, or any dessert your heart desires! Then, mix it all in a blender and try topping it with whipped cream and sprinkles!

How to Make Iced Coffee with an International Flair

If none of the suggestions above work for you, try traveling the world…sip by sip! Iced coffee is popular in many countries. Here are a few recipes from around the world.

Brazil: Mocha Cola

Brazilian iced coffee is the fun crazy cousin of the root-beer float. It calls for a mixture of coffee, chocolate milk, and fizzy cola! If this doesn’t make you want to dance the Samba, nothing will! Here are the ingredients:

What You Need:

  • Beans, if you have a grinder, or grounds if you don’t (Mocha Java would work well here!)
  • 1 12 oz. can of Coke, root beer, or your favorite soda
  • 3 cups of chocolate milk
  • 2 cups of whipped cream or ice cream

How to Make:

  • Step 1: Brewing – Brew coffee that’s twice the recommended strength.
  • Step 2: Chilling – Chill the coffee by placing it in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.
  • Step 3: Combine – Combine the coffee, soda, and chocolate milk.
  • Step 4: Pour – Pour the mixture over ice and top it with whipped cream or ice cream.
  • Step 5: Serve

Sweden: Kaffelemonad (a.k.a. Coffee Lemonade)

To make this gem of a coffee, you’ll first have to make the lemon zest syrup.

What You Need for Lemon Zest Syrup:

  • 1 cup of cane sugar
  • 1 cup of filtered water
  • Make lemon zest out of one medium-sized lemon.

How to Make Lemon Zest Syrup:

  • Step 1: – Combine – Combine the sugar, water, and lemon zest in a saucepan.
  • Step 2: Saucepan – Turn the saucepan up to medium heat.
  • Step 3: Stir – Stir the mixture regularly until the sugar has dissolved.
  • Step 4: Cool – Remove the pan from the heat, let the mixture cool, then pour it into a glass bottle and store it in the refrigerator or use it right away.

Iced Coffee Lemonade

Remember to pay attention to the ratios in this recipe. If you don’t, the coffee could end up tasting too sour…and let’s face it…pucker face doesn’t look cute on anyone. The ratios you’ll need are below:

  • 3 parts brewed coffee
  • 2 parts fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 part lemon zest syrup
  • 2 parts tonic water
  • Ice cubes

What You Need:

  • Brewed coffee (Have you tried the Ybor City Blend?)
  • Fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • Lemon zest syrup
  • Tonic water
  • Ice cubes

How to Make:
Step 1: Combine and Stir – Combine all of the ingredients in a glass and stir vigorously, or put the ingredients in a shaker and shake away!

Vietnam: Café Sua Da (Sweetened Condensed Milk Iced Coffee)

What You Need:

  • Medium coarse ground coffee
  • Sweetened condensed milk – Be sure not to mistake this for evaporated milk. This is a key ingredient, so don’t make substitutions here if you want to taste the real deal.
  • Vietnamese coffee press – Remember, a Vietnamese press is not the same as a French press. Use only a Vietnamese press for this coffee. You can find Vietnamese presses at any Asian market or on Amazon for $10 or less.

How to Make:

  • Step 1: Milk First – Add 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk to a glass.
  • Step 2: Ground Coffee – Add 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to the base of the coffee press.
  • Step 3: Wet Coffee Grounds – Wet the grounds a little bit with some hot water.
  • Step 4: Pack Coffee Grounds in Press – Tightly screw the press on and make sure the coffee is well packed.
  • Step 5: Boiled Water in Press – Pour boiled water into the coffee press and cover the coffee press with the lid.
  • Step 6: Slow Drip Speed – The coffee will drip very slowly. Check the drip speed. Make sure the coffee only drips a few drops per second. If the coffee drips too fast, use a small spoon or knife to screw the press on tighter until it slows down.

A few drips per second will make regular strength coffee that will finish brewing in 3-5 minutes (stronger coffee requires a slower drip speed). We know waiting is painful, but try to occupy yourself. Try dancing, singing, contemplating the meaning of life, or whatever tickles your fancy. Just don’t speed up the brewing process. If you do, you’ll be disappointed by the taste of the finished product.

  • Step 7: Once the coffee is finished dripping, stir it well and put it into the glass with the milk and add ice.


Ireland: Sweet Iced Coffee & Whiskey

Sure as a shamrock, Irish coffee is a treasure for more reasons than one! The whiskey will soothe and the coffee will energize, and the sweet taste will leave you loving life! Best of all, it’s easy to make!

What You Need:

  • 4 tbsp. brown sugar
  • 6 – 8oz Irish whiskey
  • 2 tsp. fresh cream
  • 4 cups brewed coffee (Try our Roastmaster’s Reserve!)
  • A pinch of nutmeg

How to Make:

  • Step 1: Stir – Stir the coffee, whiskey, fresh cream, and brown sugar together in a tall glass (2 parts whiskey, 4 parts coffee, 1.5 parts fresh cream, 1 tsp. brown sugar)
  • Step 2: Topping – Top it with whipped cream.
  • Step 3: Spice – Sprinkle the whipped cream with nutmeg.
  • Step 4: Keep it away from the kids…and smile the whole time!