The Benefits of Virtual Coffee Breaks

With many company team members working from home, it is more important than ever for us to be connecting with our co-workers.


Whether you’re working from home or still in the office, it is important to connect with co-workers and teammates. Coming together in the mornings for a virtual coffee break is a great way to brighten your day while social distancing. We’re here to give you some tips, Joffrey’s style of course!

Ready to get your own virtual coffee break started?

Step 1:
Agree on a time and stick to it daily

Because we all need a sense of routine right now.


Step 2: Pick a virtual background

Leading video call applications such as Zoom allow for fun versatility! Limit distractions and transport yourself to a destination of your choice. Check out our Joffrey’s themed backgrounds to add some caffeinated fun.


Step 3: Pick a fun theme or topic

Talk about subjects outside of the to-do list such as movies, favorite board games, how you take your coffee, etc.


Step 4: Invite the pets

Designate a day for everyone to introduce their animals to the group. After all, who doesn’t love to see a puppy pop onto the screen?


Step 5: Create a sense of normality

Talk and run the meeting as you normally would in the office


What are the benefits of a virtual coffee break?


1. Increased sense of connection

The team feels as if they are in this together, even if everyone is at a different location.

2.  Increased productivity

Provides a schedule and flow for how the rest of the work day should go.

3. Sense of accountability

Everyone is able to run through their daily and weekly goals, allowing team members to not only feel seen and heard, but for workload expectations to be shared.

4. Increased engagement

Co-workers and team members have a reserved time to connect and share their progress, keeping everyone engaged through the work day.

5. Much needed break

We all need a break here and there. Enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in great company is the perfect way to relax and recharge.


Looking to start a virtual coffee break for yourself or your company? We’re here to help! Whether you’re looking for a selection of coffee or fun recipe ideas to share with your team, we’ve got you covered!