Breaktime is Brew time

The office breakroom just got a whole lot better

A great cup of coffee can be a welcome part of any work day, making the “daily grind” the best part of your day. With individual’s tastes shifting to specialty and gourmet coffee offerings, it is more important than ever to have a quality and consistent product for your office. Keep your team motivated, ready to work, and satisfied with a full selection of tailored office coffee and tea solutions.

Joffrey’s – Everyday Moments That Much Better®

The Joffrey's Difference

A Difference You Can Taste

Our coffees have won “blind taste” tests around the country. With our wide range of beverages, brewing formats, and flavor profiles, it's easy to make the right choice and keep the office happy with easier brewing and better tasting caffeinated beverages.

Access Made Easy

National OCS Distribution makes it easy to arrange delivery from Florida to California and almost anywhere in-between. Our national & local distributors deliver to offices, corporate cafes, auto dealerships, call centers, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Better offerings, Better office

Joffrey’s is your one-stop shop for all coffee and tea offerings. Whether it’s cold brew, espresso pods, frac packs, tea sachets, or even k-cups, Joffrey’s has a wide selection of coffee beverage solutions. Each one committed to providing the best solution with the highest quality for you and your customers.

Easily Measured Fractional Packs

Joffrey’s frac packs are freshly roasted and ground, all packed conveniently in a quick serve pouch perfect for easy brewing.

Perfect Cup

Single-Serve Pods for brew on-demand coffee are compatible with Newco and Bunn machines.


Single-Serve K-Cups deliver our popular roasts and flavors for Keurig compatible machines.

Cold Brew

Our specialized cold extraction process delivers the hottest trend in coffee: icy cold.

Tea Served
Your Way

Joffrey's full range of teas come in convenient formats, from loose leaf, to sachets, to iced.


Our vast variety and proprietary blends offer pure tea taste and customer appeal.



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