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A (Coffee) Day In The Life: Episode 5


A (Coffee) Day In The Life: Episode 5

Another day in the life means more coffee! Ever wondered how our Head Roastmaster Chris enjoys his coffee throughout the day?

  Join us for our fifth installment of a (coffee) day in the life of Roastmaster Chris and join him as he makes his way through the day, one cup of coffee at a time! Today, for our last video in the series we'll be joining Chris as he makes himself a cup of coffee using The Vacuum Brewer. As he says, he saved the best for last! It's recommended to store your coffee in an airtight container, such as our Airscape® Coffee Storage Canister. This stainless steel canister will preserve your Joffrey’s artisan roasts by keeping air out to protect freshness and flavor. After grinding down his coffee fresh, Roastmaster Chris enjoys making a cup of coffee using one of the most unique brewing methods, the Vacuum Brewer.
Not familiar with the Vacuum Brewer or looking for some new tips and tricks? Join Roastmaster Chris for a step by step tutorial!
  • Pour fresh ground coffee into the upper container
  • Place the alcohol burner underneath
    • The burner will heat the water to almost boiling and push it up to mix with the coffee grounds
  • Watch as grounds begin to saturate
  • When all coffee is saturated, extinguish the flame
    • This creates a vacuum!
  • The coffee will then funnel back into the bottom portion
  • You may now remove the coffee pot
  • Cheers!
    • Note: This is a concentrated brew. The coffee mixes with the water at the bottom of the decanter to create a perfectly balanced cup!
Enjoyed Roastmaster Chris' installment of a (coffee) day in the life? Let us know in the comments!

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