Corporate Social Responsibility

Joffrey’s is committed to a never-ending quest to provide the world’s best coffee, from seed to cup. We believe that every cup of coffee tells a story, and it is our choices that shape that story. Since 1984 we have sourced only the highest quality Arabica beans from ethically and responsibly farmed regions, where the environment is respected, and workers are fairly compensated. Our Head Roastmaster has established long standing sourcing relationships with producers and coffee farmers all over the world throughout the past 30 years and participates in yearly origin tours to cup coffee and meet with the farmers directly. In addition to the work we do at Origin, we are committed to identifying solutions that will result in more sustainable outcomes across our organization whenever possible. Most recently our team has accomplished the following:

Highlights from Joffrey’s Headquarters:

  • Reduction of exhaust pollutants utilizing High-Efficiency Coffee Roasters with Thermal Oxidization.
  • Achieved a 70% reduction of inbound cardboard usage year over year since 2021
  • Launched partnership in 2023 with a local Tampa Bay environmental organization to re-use our burlap coffee sacks for litter clean-ups and water purification projects in the Bay area..

Highlights from our Disney Operations:

  • 427,916 pounds of spent coffee grounds used across our Disney Operations were composted responsibly for use in Park and Resorts pollinator gardens.
  • Discontinued use of plastic straws and replaced them with environmentally friendly and biodegradable agave straws alternative across our operations.
  • We are proud to supply Disney Peru Alto Mayo to various Quick Service, Table Service, and other dining locations across Walt Disney World® Resort. Being USDA & Fairtrade Certified organic coffee, Disney Peru Alto Mayo is farmed using sustainable methods in a protected area of San Martin, located in the Amazon rainforest, and is made in collaboration with Disney and Conservation International to support the Alto Mayo Protected Forest Project in Peru

We are also a proud supporter of the Café Femenino Foundation, which works to ensure growth and diversity in the coffee industry so that women farmers are fairly compensated and recognized in their communities. All of our Café Femenino coffees are Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified, while all of our coffee offerings are OU Kosher Certified.

We also work with Safai Coffee to produce and roast various blends for their portfolio, served around the world. You can find Safai Coffee in groceries like Kroger and Whole Foods, in hotels across the US, the Caribbean, and even all the way in Bora Bora! Joffrey’s also works with The SAFAI Foundation, a grassroots organization that works directly with the Honduran farming community to provide them with the direct assistance they need to nurture their land and their families after the devastation caused by the “coffee rust” fungus.