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At-Home Thanksgiving Recipes


At-Home Thanksgiving Recipes

Gobble up these Thanksgiving coffee recipes - perfect to serve with dinner or pair with dessert!

Thanksgiving isn't just about the food - it's also about the drinks! Spread some caffeinated cheer this holiday with our exclusive Thanksgiving at-home recipes.

Nana's Apple Crumb Cake Latte (alcohol-free)

Ingredients: Prep:
  • Combine coffee and caramel toffee sauce into one mug
  • Steam milk
  • Pour steamed milk slowly into mug
  • Enjoy!

Spiked Turkey Iced Latte (alcoholic)

Ingredients: Prep:
  • Fill serving glass with ice
  • Pour ingredients into mixing tin
  • Add ice from serving glass to mixing tin
  • Cap, shake and pour back into serving glass
  • Enjoy!
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