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Coffee and Tea: The Perfect Partner for a Thanksgiving Side Dish

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you’ve been invited to a feast! You’re excited to eat, drink and be merry… but which side dish should you bring?

A Side Everyone Will Thank You For

Sides are amazing, because they cover the full gamut of taste and texture, from sweet to savory, from soft to crunchy and everything in between.  There are so many options! Sides aren’t fool proof though. Deciding which one to bring isn’t always simple if you’re trying to please a crowd with a diverse appetite. .There are so many kinds of pallets to consider, including the health conscious, calorie conscious, and carb conscious folks. You can’t forget the gluten free crowd, the dairy-free contingency, the sugar-free eaters and the Paleo posse.  Not to mention, plenty of vegetarians and vegans following the organic, non-GMO, fair trade flock. Maybe food preferences (or intolerances) aren’t an issue at all…and you just feel like bringing something than isn’t a 15th plate of food. We’ve got your back with Joffrey’s coffee and tea!

Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea: The Universal Crowd Pleaser

Bring Joffrey’s coffee or tea along with any side, or bring it by itself for an after-dinner treat or as a welcome hostess gift. Coffee and tea are perfect for guests who are too full for more food, but crave something more. If you’ve ever bought Joffrey’s coffee and tea online, you know how many flavors there are to choose from. Let’s go through just a few popular Thanksgiving sides you could bring and which coffees go well with them. Hopefully we’ll give you the inspiration you need to start prepping!

The Stuffing

Stuffing Ah, the stuffing…everyone loves stuffing…and it’s a treasure trove of food groups: bread, meat, dried fruit, veggies and cheese. That’s even more of a reason to bring it with you to Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re looking for a neutral side to bring along with it, Joffrey’s coffee or tea will put a smile on anyone’s face. Stuffing usually has a savory earthy taste to it, so the perfect Joffrey’s coffee to pay homage to stuffing would be our Colombia coffee. It’s made with Specialty Grade Arabica beans, has a medium body, and smoky overtones. The tea drinkers in the bunch can try one of Joffrey’s black teas as a pairing. Buying Joffrey’s coffee and tea online can be the perfect accompaniment to your savory earthy eats. Cheers to that!

The Sweet Potato Marshmallow Casserole

Sweet Potato Warm sweet potato casserole is another Thanksgiving favorite. The toasted marshmallows on top make it the perfect dessert, and the ooey-gooey cinnamon blanket of sweet potato underneath makes for a mouthwatering side dish. That’s why we love it. If you’re bringing this dish to a party, and you’re looking for the best drinks to go with it, try sweet fall-forward Joffrey’s coffee like Pumpkin Crème Brûlée coffee. With a hint of pumpkin pie and a creamy custard finish, it will be sure to please…or you could also try Pumpkin Pie Pu’Erh tea. The convenience of buying both coffee and tea online when you’re too busy to go to the store makes these drinks even better.

Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole Greens are good for us and our waistlines, so why not bring one to your Thanksgiving table? Even those who aren’t fans of veggies will love green bean casserole – especially because it’s covered in bacon bits, melted cheese and fried onions. This fantastic favorite is a cornucopia of color and  full of interesting textures. Think warm cream of mushroom soup, crunchy bacon, and moist crisp green beans underneath. The perfect coffee to pair with these bold flavors is our Organic Sumatra Permato Gayo. This is an earthy coffee that stands up well to rich savory meals, with a perfectly sweet finish. If you’re leaning more toward tea, try one of our Herbal Rooibo teas. You can find these fun flavors of Joffrey’s coffee and tea online, and they all will add a unique touch to this traditional side dish.

Some Thanksgiving Dinners Involve Tofu Turkey

If you have any vegan/organic social activists in the mix, they might just bring a Tofu turkey to Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re not the one making the turkey, but you’d like to bring a side to go with it, an organic coffee is the way to go. There are eight organic Joffrey’s coffees , and many of them are certified fair trade too! For the social activists, our Organic Guatemala Café Femenino coffee would be much appreciated. Not only is this coffee Organic, but buying it provides economic support to female coffee farmers in these countries! (Check out their story here if you’re curious to learn more.) If you want to make the kids at the party smile, try our Hot Cider Honeybush tea, a caffeine free drink that tastes just like the real thing!

Maybe Everyone’s Just Full

Once you’ve eaten a bite of every side, savoring a slice of turkey followed by a plethora of desserts can be challenging! If you’re into tasty treats and want to survive your post-turkey coma, coffee and tea are a great decision. Whatever you choose to bring to the table, know that Joffrey’s coffee or tea is probably what’s missing from your Thanksgiving spread.Feeling inspired? Visit Joffrey’s coffee and tea online, grab a bag (or two or three) and prepare to conquer the biggest feast of the year!

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