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Enjoy Your Joffrey's Beverages At Home

Coffee Disney Parks & Resorts Kiosks Recipes

Enjoy Your Joffrey's Beverages At Home

We're bringing some of your Joffrey's favorites to YOUR space - we could all use some caffeinated comfort.

 With many staying home, now is the perfect time to perfect your own barista skills! During this time, we will be posting recipes, reminiscent of Joffrey's beverages at our Disney Parks & Resorts locations.
First up is Jamaican Me Crazy® Cold Brew - made with our Jamaican Me Crazy® flavored coffee. This brew is inspired by our Shakin' Jamaican™ Cold Brew that you can find at all of our kiosks and our Disney Springs® Landing location.

What you need:

 1. French Press (try our Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker)2. Bag of Jamaican Me Crazy® flavored coffee (French Press grind)3. Refrigerator


 1. Take the coffee grounds and insert them into the French Press
      • For a 3-cup French Press you're going to want to use 2 ounces (4 tbsp) of coffee grounds and 10 ounces of water
      • For an 8-cup French Press you're going to want to use 5.5 ounces (11 tbsp) of coffee grounds and 30 ounces of water
2. Fill your French Press with the recommended amount of water (make sure the water temperature is cool or room temperature)3. Cover the French Press with plastic wrap
      • This captures the coffee's aroma and ensure that it doesn't pick up the scents of anything else in your fridge
4. Place the wrapped French Press in the fridge for 14-24 hours and take a load off or start a new Netflix show because we've got some time to burn ;)5. Take the French Press out of the fridge and plunge away! (Make sure you plunge slowly)6. Upon consumption, combine 1 part cold brew with 3 parts water7. Enjoy!Keep an eye out for some upcoming beverages you'll be sure to recognize!

Please continue to share your #JoffreysMoments with us, whether they're new from the comfort and safety of your home or a throwback from your favorite day at the parks.

 Click here for an update with more information on our commitment to you during this time of uncertainty.

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