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Cup with a Cause - Peru Cafe Femenino

Coffee Origin Coffee

Cup with a Cause - Peru Cafe Femenino

Grown and cultivated by the women of Café Femenino, artfully roasted by Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co; where every cup sold makes a difference. Café Femenino is named in honor of the 464 courageous women coffee farmers in Peru who began Café Femenino in 2003 with a determination and desire for a better future.   The 464 female coffee producers in Peru united and decided to separate their coffee production to create lots cultivated and harvested solely by this impoverished co-op of women.  It is produced organically along the slopes of the Andes Mountains in Peru with no pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Their goal was to seek visibility and a voice inside their community to better their lives.  These women participate in selling the coffee and making decisions on how the money from coffee sales will be used. Organic and Fair Trade premiums have facilitated progress in a number of rural coffee growing communities, including improvements in schools, health, nutritional education and human rights awareness. But this improvement isn’t happening alone, the women growers efforts are made possible through importers. Roasters like Joffrey’s and retailers, as well as other members of the coffee community.
Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Co. contributes a portion of every pound of coffee purchased to Café Femenino.  This contribution goes directly back to worthy projects and programs that enhance the lives of women and their families in the Café Femenino communities.

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