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Celebrating Earth Day: Peru Alto Mayo

Origin Coffee

Celebrating Earth Day: Peru Alto Mayo

This month, we are celebrating National Earth Day! We would like to put a well-deserved spotlight on our Peru Alto Mayo. This coffee is available to purchase by the bag at our Disney Springs store. To celebrate this day, we will also have this coffee available to purchase by the cup for the month of April! Join us in our efforts to support this wonderful cause!Saving Land, Changing LivesJoffrey’s is proud to align with Disney and Conservation International to support the protection of one of our favorite growing regions, Alto Mayo in San Martin, Peru. The ecosystem of Alto Mayo plays a critical role in the survival of Peru’s widespread fauna and flora, and with the Alto Mayo Protected Forest project, we can help keep it alive. To support these coffee farmers, we source this single origin coffee to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices in Peru.How Does Sustainably Grown Coffee Help?
  • Replenishes nutrients to the soil, producing better beans and better tasting coffee.
  • Pays families more and provides access to new benefits and technologies, such as cooking stoves.
  • Rehabilitates farms that have been destroyed by Roya, a fungus that destroys coffee farms and financially devastates the families that live and work on them.
  • Helps families that farm shrimp, rice, cocoa, and tea too.

Planet Perks 
  • Benefits the Earth entirely.
  • Has generated over 6 million tons of emissions reductions.
    • This is like removing over 1 million cars from the roads for an entire year.
When you buy this coffee online or purchase a cup of this coffee at select restaurants at Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort, you’re not just buying a memorable beverage; you’re helping improve the lives of families that call this region home.Click here to order Peru Alto Mayo.EARTH DAY CAFE RECIPEIngredients: 1/2 oz. Monin® Organic Chocolate Syrup 1/2 oz. Monin® Organic Caramel Syrup 8 oz. Joffrey's® Peru Alto Mayo Organic & Fair Trade Coffee 2 oz. Organic Half & HalfPreparation:1. Fill serving glass full of hot water to warm glass. 2. Discard hot water and pour ingredients into serving glass in order listed. 3. Stir gently to mix. 4. Add garnish, straw, and serve.Garnishes:Caramel swirl (drizzle), chocolate drizzle  

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