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Introducing Paper Straws

Coffee Disney Parks & Resorts Kiosks

Introducing Paper Straws

We have been working very hard to provide an environmentally friendly solution to plastic straws at our locations. We are thrilled to announce that day is here! We will be introducing paper straws to all of our Disney Springs and Walt Disney World locations as we transition from the plastic straws. Of course, with these new straws we made sure to bring back our iconic Joffrey's Purple!As you may know, there are many benefits to using paper straws instead of plastic. Some of these reasons include:
  1. Paper straws are biodegradable
  2. Paper straws take less amount of time to decompose
  3. Switching to paper will reduce the usage of plastic
  4. They are safer for wildlife
We thank you for your patience and loyalty as we have journeyed on this caffeinated quest. These will be available at our Disney Springs store location and ALL of our kiosks by the end of March. If you would like to explore our location and ensure you get your Joffrey’s fix before your visit: /Please help us spread the news! If you take a photo with our beverages please tag us and #JoffreysMoments! Thank you for your feedback to help us make your everyday moments that much better.

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