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Last Minute Gifts You'll Love!

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Last Minute Gifts You'll Love!

We all love giving gifts to the people we love most, but shopping in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can demystify anyone’s Christmas cheer. Luckily, Joffrey’s coffee is here to sooth your shopping pain. If you’re on the never-ending search for the best present, check out our last minute gift guide.

For the Music Lover – Tickets, iTunes and More

Show_TicketIf you’re buying Joffrey’s coffee and tea online, you can surprise the music lover in your life with Jazzy Java coffee – bonus if they’re a Miles Davis fan! This coffee is perfect to pair with tickets to an upcoming concert, an iTunes gift certificate, or a subscription to Spotify. If your music lover prefers music on the move, Beats by Dre headphones also never disappoint. Coffee and music, what’s not to love? 

For the Baker – Classes, Cookbooks and More

CookbookIf you know someone who loves to bake desserts, our Banana’s Foster coffee is a wonderful gift to give along with a cookbook. On the experience front, baking classes from one of Sur La Table’s many locations in the U.S. is another option for your favorite fan of sweets. BUT, if you're lucky enough to live close together, nothing beats an of baking treats on a cold winter day. Our vote would be to try this cupcake mix from Williams Sonoma. A little unsolicited flour fight never hurt anybody! 

For the Non-Morning Person – The Coffee Alarm Clock or the Hiding Alarm Clock

Alarm_CLockWe all have friends who aren’t morning people - teenagers, night owls, new mommies... the list goes on and on. Why not show them a little early love? Joffrey’s Breakfast Blend coffee is the perfect drink to help them face those inevitable early mornings. If you’re feeling flavorful and adventurous our Jamaican Me Crazy coffee, makes every morning feel like an Island getaway. P.S. there’s also Breakfast Blend tea for the tea lovers out there.If you want to give your night owl some extra love in the morning, these crazy alarm clocks will help. Some roll on the ground and hide, some fly and others have different creative ways to wake up your hibernating friend or relative.Of course, you can take the gentle route and give your loved one coffee or tea in bed…every morning. It can be done! Coffee lovers on your list will go gaga over this coffee maker alarm clock that brews coffee at their bedsides.

The World Traveler – Comfort and Travel Electronics

Luggage2There is plenty of Joffrey’s coffee and tea online to choose from if you have a continent hopper on your holiday shopping list. One of our favorite coffees for travelers is the European Espresso. If your jet setter is headed to Latin America, Africa, or Asia, pick an origin coffee that comes from one of their regions of interest. If the Islands are a favorite destination, buy Jamaican Me Crazy coffee!  Our Huang Jin Gui  tea is practically meant for someone traveling to China.Anyone who spends a lot of time on planes knows that coffee and tea aren’t enough to prep for a big trip. Caffeine during the trip can be a must, especially if they’re time zone hopping. With one our travel mugs, they can bring coffee along with them and keep them bright eyed and energetic. If you want to keep your traveler comfy on the plane, try buying him/her one of these antibacterial noise cancelling infinity pillows. They can be rolled and mushed into just about any position, block light and cancel out noise to help make life comfortable on those long plane rides. If your traveler loves to take pictures, but doesn’t like to lug cameras around, look at this gadget: a four in one lens that converts the iPhone’s built in camera into a fisheye, wide-angle, or macro lens. For the techie on the go, this portable Bluetooth keyboard would work wonders in a plane, train, bus or car!

The one Who’s Always on the Go – Travel Mugs and Grown-Up Lunch Boxes

Lunchbox We all have that one friend or family member who’s never in the same place for more than an hour. Whether it’s meetings, kids or something else causing them to bounce around from place to place, they deserve to be satiated all day long. For food, there are a ton of stylish and convenient grown-up lunch box options for men and women, and we’ve come a long way since brown paper bags!  To stay hydrated, spill-proof temperature safe travel mugs are the way to go. One of our travel mugs would be perfect for your busy nomad!As for buying Joffrey’s coffee and tea online, our mile a minute friends and relatives probably could use a better than average dose of energy to drink. We have plenty of espressos or black teas that pack a serious caffeine punch to keep them moving along. Now that they can carry them in their fancy new travel mugs, all is right with the world!

Coffee and Tea for Everyone

Yes, there’s a coffee and tea for everyone, but gift giving aside, the holidays are about togetherness. Regardless of where you buy your coffee and tea, both treats bring people together…because they’re perfect for sharing.  So, put on a pot of Joe (or tea), relax, sip away and make memories with someone you love, because that’s what the holiday season is all about!

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