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Make Espresso At Home | Moka Pot


Make Espresso At Home | Moka Pot

We’ve shared one way of making coffee reminiscent of espresso at home using an AeroPress, but did you know there is another way?

Using a Moka Pot is a quick and easy way to make coffee resembling espresso at home - learn more about the method and how it's done below:

Fun Facts About the Moka Pot:

  • An Italian Engineer invented the Moka Pot in the early 1930's.
  • The coffee produced in a Moka Pot is not as strong as espresso, however, it's stronger than your average cup of coffee --resulting in the perfect in-between.
  • The Moka Pot's name was inspired by the city of Mocha in Yemen.
What You Need:
The Process:
  • Measure out 2 tablespoons or 20-22 grams of your favorite Joffrey's coffee
    • Grind the beans as fine as possible
  • Pour 3 1/2 fluid ounces into the bottom of the pot
  • Pour the coffee grounds into the built-in filter, shaking to settle the grounds
  • Screw on the top and place on a stove burner set to medium heat
  • Wait until the coffee begins to foam and expand in to the upper level of the pot
  • Once top is full, remove from stove and pour into your favorite mug
  • Enjoy!

What’s your favorite brewing method to use at home? Comment below or share with us on social media by tagging us and using #JoffreysMoments!

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