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Meet the Team: Our Orlando Leadership

This is a year of celebration for Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea as we celebrate 25 years of coffee passion. During the last 16 years we have humbly grown to be the largest independent food and beverage kiosk operator at Walt Disney World. We currently own, operate and staff 17 locations in Orlando. This would not be possible without the dedication and passion of our spectacular leadership team. Heading up our team is Brian Williams - VP of Operations. Brian has 31 years of food-service experience, and for the past 12 years has been responsible for our Orlando operations. He is highly motivated, embedded in the Joffrey’s culture, and maintains a great relationship with all park food and beverage management. Brian pays attention to every last detail to ensure the optimum guest experience at all our locations. Brian’s favorite location is our tea and coffee kiosk located in Animal Kingdom. “It represents the true passion of Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea with all products under one roof.” says Brian. Yadira Medina – Director of Operations, Recruiter & Trainer. Yadira started with Joffrey’s as a supervisor at our Downtown location. She has held many management positions during her seven-year tenure with Joffrey’s. Currently she oversees six locations and handles the hiring and training of all cast members in Orlando. She lives the coffee-culture and passes this joy of coffee on to our customers every day. Her favorite location is the coffee shop at the Contemporary Hotel. ”It allows for us to bring that coffee shop environment to all who visit the hotel." say’s Yadira Ana Vaughn – Director of Operations and loves the culture of coffee. Ana also oversees numerous locations in Orlando making sure that her cast members live the coffee culture and deliver the ultimate guest experience daily. She has been with Joffrey’s for 12 years and comes from a back ground of foodservice experience. Along with her daily responsibilities she assists Brian with many things including the design process, set up of new locations and the testing of new products and product rollout. “Working in a fun and happy atmosphere makes this job so wonderful.” The aroma of coffee everyday sets your day. I love it.” says Ana. “My favorite location is our tea and coffee kiosk in Animal Kingdom. It is my favorite park and having one of our kiosks there feels so cool.” Marlene Asian – Director of Operations has “grown up” in the Joffrey’s culture. She has been with Joffreys’ for 12 years and we are proud to say that Joffrey’s Coffee was Marlene’s first job. As we have grown in Orlando she has grown up in the ranks of our operations. Marlene started as a barista with Joffrey’s and has grown over the years into her current position as Director of Operations. She currently oversees seven locations. Marlene lives and breathes the coffee culture daily and her favorite location is the coffee shop at the Contemporary Hotel. It has been an exciting time for us in Orlando and we look forward to watching our leadership team and all our “Cast Members” grow in the future!

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