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My Fruity Hawaiian Kona Maragogype!

[gallery ids="535,537,538,539,540"]   Every once in a while I stumble across a truly exceptional coffee, usually when I least expect it. Recently, I took my wife Linda on a trip to Kona Hawaii for vacation, where by coincidence the “Coffee Fest Hawaii” show was taking place during our visit. Naturally, I just had to check out the show so I begged Linda to come with me, and experience Hawaiian coffee first hand. While walking the show, an interesting aroma grabbed my attention. I looked around and saw someone at a nearby booth brewing a delicious smelling coffee called Hawaiian Kona Maragogype (Maragogype means Elephant Bean) using an Aero Press. Linda and I made our way over for a sample, and the closer we got to the booth the more delicious this coffee smelled. But what really blew me away was the taste! After one sip it was like an explosion of fruit! The collage of flavors and textures sent me into sensory overload! Although full of different fruity nuances, the most prominent was peach, followed closely by melon and apricot. The mouth-feel was buttery and smooth! I was so excited about this Hawaiian Kona Maragogype I asked the friendly farmers at the booth if Linda and I could come visit their farm and maybe sample some more coffee! Lorie & Joan Obra, mother and daughter farm owners, granted our wish immediately and two days later we were enjoying their hospitality and a fun tour of their beautiful farm and processing facilities. Unfortunately, Lorie and Joan had only sourced a very small amount of this particular kind of Kona bean which had actually been planted accidently, and so Kona Maragogype is considered a very rare offering. Even if it were grown in larger quantities, the growing conditions would not always be as perfect as they were this year, and so there is no guarantee we would get such a delicious crop every time. So that I could bring this incredible coffee experience home to our customers, I purchased as much as the ladies had to offer me. So after selfishly squirreling away a stash for myself, I have only 20 pounds left to sell exclusively online. I’m not big on this sort of marketing hype, but this really is a very rare treat. If you are a true coffee lover you don’t want to miss this opportunity! Experience for yourself the excitement I felt when I first tasted this truly exceptional coffee.

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