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How to Brew with the NEW Joffrey's French Press


How to Brew with the NEW Joffrey's French Press

If there’s one thing we absolutely love here at Joffrey’s, it’s sharing a fantastic cup of coffee with you. One of our favorite ways to brew a fantastic cup of coffee? Using a Joffrey's French Press! In fact, it’s the preferred brewing method of our Head Roastmaster.We are breaking down step-by-step how you can enjoy your favorite coffee using our NEW Bodum Chambord French Press, available now on JOFFREYS.COM and at our Disney Springs location. Go ahead and take the plunge!


  • Did you know the French Press has been a favored brewing method for coffee lovers around the world for decades?
  • A key differentiator that makes the French Press so unique is the fact that the press retains more of the natural oils from the coffee beans – allowing your cup to be extra-rich in flavor.
  • You can also customize the brew to fit your individual taste preferences!

What You Need:

1. French Press2. Favorite Joffrey's Coffee (French Press grind)3. Water

The Process:

1. Take your coffee grounds and pour them into the French Press
    •  If grinding your own coffee, try not to make it too fine, very fine grounds can result in a more bitter taste
    • For a 34-ounce French Press, we recommend using 2 ounces (4 tbsp) of coffee
2. Heat 10 ounces of water to 200 degrees
    • Pour 1/3 of the water in a circular motion until the coffee grounds create a bloom
    • Let bloom sit for 15 seconds
    • Stir so all grounds are wet
    • Pour the rest of the water in until you reach the bottom of the metal band
3.  Cover the coffee with the lid (keeping the plunger up!) and let steep for 4 minutes4. After 4 minutes, press down slowly on the plunger5. Pour and enjoy!Now you have a delicious and unique cup of coffee – made exactly the way you like it!

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