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Origin Coffee

Newest Quarterly Coffee-Sumatra Adsenia

<a href=""><img class="size-medium wp-image-627" alt="Sumatra Adsenia origin coffee" src="" width="298" height="300" /></a> Our Head Roastmaster, Chris, traveled to Sumatra to find this quarter's origin coffee, Sumatra Adsenia.  This quarter we are proud to offer Sumatra Adsenia.  In the Indonesian highlands of Bener Meriah, nearly 5,000 feet up, is the remarkable Ketiara cooperative, which is owned and operated by an equally remarkable group of women—many of whom lost their husbands in the civil war from 2003-2006. Here, they produce beans from the oldest variety of Sumatra Aceh called “Adsenia.” The beans are harvested from September to May then sun dried on the patio. Despite working in a primarily male-dominated industry, the women of Ketiara have persevered to produce a great cupping coffee, full-bodied, with notes of molasses and cedar and a sweet, clean finish.  Farmers in the Ketiara cooperative desire to keep producing this unique variety so that they may support the many widows and their families while providing for their own future.   This is a story—and coffee—worth sharing.
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