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Origin Coffee

Our Latest Origin – Sumatra Wahana

To kick off the New Year, we are proud to offer one of the finest Sumatran coffees we have ever had the pleasure of roasting. Sumatra Wahana is grown under the shade of Leguminous trees on the Wahana Coffee Estate Plantation, located at Lae Mungkur village, Sidikalang, North Sumatra-Indonesia. This sweet, medium- bold bodied coffee is naturally processed to produce a cup with notes of melon and peach with a clean, long lingering finish. The Wahana Estate contributes to the local economy and supports farming communities through employing about 800-1000 workers and buying red-cherries from small farmer groups in their surrounding areas. They have also established relationships with various small farmer groups through creating the Farmers Support Center, which aids farmers by giving out information about coffee farm management, distributing shade trees, organic fertilizer, and coffee seeds to farmers at no charge. The Wahana Estate also maintains a coffee nursery, growing local and international seedling varieties including varieties from Sulawesi, Jember-Java, Costa Rica, and Columbia. This Sumatran coffee has fruity attributes with an intoxicatingly sweet aroma and lemon background. We hope that you enjoy our newest origin coffee and find that Doing Good Tastes Great!

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