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Origin Coffee

Our Latest Origin - Wahgi Highland Peaberry

We are serving something very special for the final quarter of 2012 – Wahgi Highland Peaberry! Grown in the Waghi Valley of New Guinea’s western highlands, this earthy, full-bodied coffee is cultivated under the shade of the Albizas and Grevilleas trees on the gentle slopes of the Kimel family co-op farm. The 620 hectares cooperative is jointly owned by regional natives, mainly from the Opais tribe. The co-op provides housing for 432 workers, schooling for their children, and medical facilities for the workers and their families. The co-op consistently focuses on sound agricultural and processing procedures on the farm to ensure a high quality coffee crop, year after year. They have also implemented ecologically friendly practices such as composting the pulp which is returned to the fields as organic fertilizer. In addition, the co-op management recycles water to use during the wet processing. The cool mountain climate and rich volcanic soil where this coffee is grown make it one of the finest coffees produced in Papua New Guinea. This full-bodied coffee has attributes of milk chocolate notes with a buttery caramel sweetness. You will find it has hints of cherry and lemon in the finish. Enjoy!

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