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Origin Coffee

Our Newest Origin – Malawi Mzuzu

For this quarter’s coffee we leave the Indonesian island of Sumatra and travel thousands of miles to Mzuzu, the capital of the Northern Region of Africa’s Malawi. Mzuzu Coffee is the only high grown Arabica coffee in Malawi, produced by almost 4,000 “Smallholder Coffee Growers” at altitudes ranging between 1,500 and 2,600 meters above sea level. Malawi coffee is highly sought after, perhaps because of its unique flavor. This particular coffee combines a variety of local coffee trees: Mondo Novo, Agaro, Geisha, and Catimor producing a sweet, medium-bodied cup with fruit zest and a clean, berry finish. Mzuzu Coffee prides itself on being a product of the people, by the people, and for the people. The cooperative promotes socio-economic empowerment of small-scale coffee farmers through sustainable crop production and processing and marketing systems through sustainable farmer organizations. Cultivation and processing are practically art forms for Mzuzu. Farmers are encouraged to hand weed their crops, and plants are either spaced widely or closely depending on the variety of coffee being grown. Cherry harvesting takes place as early as 6:00am and is only done by hand ensuring the red, ripe cherries are not bruised. Cherries are wet processed within 6-8 hours after picking to avoid fermentation and to guarantee a good quality coffee. The care and concern given to the cultivation and processing of this high grown, unique find is surely what makes this Malawi Mzuzu extraordinary. The fruity aroma and berry in the finish are sure to satisfy, and we are proud to partner with smallholder coffee farmers that share our passion and know that Doing Good Tastes Great!

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