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Origin Coffee

Our Second Quarter Origin - Nicaraguan Rio Coco

Past projects have included training to raise awareness about food security and nutrition along with improved cultivation methods for increased production from their kitchen gardens. Juan Alberto Romero Matey, coordinator of UCPCO and a member of the cooperative commented that this project is important “because it will allow us to produce our own food and it is a way to supplement our income and directly im- pact the quality of life for our families.”
Currently the coop is helping to build and repair houses for the members. No less important are the continual projects to improve the coffee quality and production methods of the entire coop. In the past these exchange experiences, and purchase motorcycles for transportation. programs have allowed them to build a wet mill, expand their dry mill, improve their cupping lab, reforest land no longer being used for production, travel to other producing areas to The wide- spread level of commitment to quality and improvement shown by UCPCO is evident in the excellent coffee they produce – enjoy its rich mocha highlights with caramel and nut background.

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