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Supporting Women | Women's Equality Day


Supporting Women | Women's Equality Day

Whether traveling to discover a delicious new blend, to visit coffee farms, or to care for and connect with partners, Joffrey’s Roastmaster Chris DeMezzo is always on the move. Most recently, we visited the beautiful Peru and connected with our dear friends and partners from The Café Femenino Foundation.Café Femenino is a coffee brand on a mission to enhance the lives of women coffee growers to ensure they are valued, supported, and paid premiums for their coffee. One way we are supporting this wonderful cause with your help is with our Organic Café Femenino Peru, from the Proassca Cooperative in Lambayeque.This particular farm in Corral de Piedra, Peru has been completing the depulping process manually. Depulping is when the coffee cherries are emptied into an elevated hopper and then dropped through a narrow slot within which they come into contact with a rotating spiked drum that removes the pulp or flesh. That is, these farmers have been hand cranking this machine to keep it running.To further our efforts, Joffrey’s has donated funds to provide these farmers with an electric depulper! It is faster than the manual system, not to mention much easier on the women and men operating the manual depulper. Imagine hand cranking thousands of coffee cherries! This equipment is apart of the process that guarantees a high-quality coffee and improves the income of the producers and their families.Help us to continue to support Café Femenino with our Café Femenino Collection, not just on Women’s Equality Day, but all year round. We can change lives and empower women with every cup!

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