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All About Tea!


All About Tea!

Start 2021 feeling tea-riffic with steep savings on tea. Enjoy 20% OFF select teas, such as the bright and crisp flavors of our Daily Detox Tea. Pair with our Timolino Tea Infuser for the perfect cup, every time!

At Joffrey's, we hold coffee close to our hearts, but we also pride ourselves on our tea selection. Tea is an art form in itself and is just as complex as coffee. Our teas can also be paired with a variety of foods, making each cup uniquely delicious.

Learn more about different types of tea, their flavors and tea pairings!
  • White Tea

    • How it's made: Tea leaves are withered and dried. There is minimal processing.
    • Flavor profile: Delicate, fruit-like flavors
    • Pairs well with: Starches, hard cheese, soft cheese, fish, white meat, vegetables, fruit
    • Joffrey's pick: White Ambrosia
  • Black Tea

    • How it's made: Tea leaves are withered, rolled, oxidized and fired.
    • Flavor profile: Complex and bright with rich body
    • Pairs well with: Starches, cured meats, hard cheese, soft cheese, red meat, fruit, sweets, chocolate
    • Joffrey's picks: Breakfast Blend, Ceylon, Earl Grey, Masala Chai
  • Herbal Tea

  • Oolong Tea

    • How it's made: Tea leaves are semi-oxidized depending on the tastes of the tea-maker
    • Flavor profile: Fresh or malty, depending on levels of oxidation
    • Pairs well with: Cured meats, hard cheese, soft cheese, fruit, sweets, chocolate
    • Joffrey's picks: Green Dragon, Tahitian Vanilla Rose, Citrus Sorbet
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