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The Importance Of Organic Coffee

Coffee Origin Coffee

The Importance Of Organic Coffee

Did you know 50 percent of Millennials and 54 percent of Gen Z prefer to purchase sustainable products and services, such as organic coffee, even at a higher price point?

    As more Millennials and Gen Z make their way into the work force and contribute to the economy, the buying power that these groups hold continues to increase. Along with the rising popularity of organic, sustainability, fair trade, and ethically sourced products, more consumers are educating themselves on what their purchases mean from a larger, more global perspective. At Joffrey's, we are aware of this trend and we are actively working to continuousy source coffee that fit this mold. We currently offer a line of USDA & Fair Trade Certified organic coffee within our Café Femenino® Collection. Café Femenino® is a coffee brand on a mission to enhance the lives of women coffee growers and farmers to ensure they are valued, supported, and paid premiums for their coffee. The Café Femenino coffee program is committed to:
  • ending the cycle of poverty afflicting women coffee farmers across the world.
  • providing direct compensation to women farmers.
  • providing resources to enact positive change in their communities.
The programs worldwide make it possible for women farmers to receive legal rights, hold leadership positions and have financial/business decision making power over their coffee.  
We offer a variety of options, all sourced from various countries and cooperatives that participate in the program and available in whole bean & fractional packs.
  Interested in learning more about our Café Femenino® collection or interested in serving it in your space? Contact your Joffrey's rep or email us at   Source.

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