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The Many Uses of Coffee - Mary, Mary Quite Contrary How does your Garden Grow?


The Many Uses of Coffee - Mary, Mary Quite Contrary How does your Garden Grow?

The Many Uses of Coffee by contributing writer: Daniel Lefton “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and coffee grinds….”, well, you get the drift. We all know there is nothing better than jumpstarting the day with a delicious blend of Joffrey’s craft roasted coffee beans. Most of us know that coffee is a great source of energy but not everyone knows that the benefits of coffee do not stop there. Coffee beans are astonishingly versatile and we thought it would be fun to share some of the other ways to enjoy the product we are so passionate about! Coffee might very well be your solution to a colorful and thriving garden.  The organic properties inside of coffee beans make used coffee grounds a great addition to fertilizer. According to Gardening Know How, used coffee grounds improve drainage, water retention, and aeration in the soil. Additionally, used coffee grounds attract organisms beneficial to plant growth while deterring harmful pests such as slugs and snails. The best part about this unique trick is that it is very simple to do. Once you have saved up enough coffee grounds, simply spread them into the soil around your plants and watch them grow! No one thinks about coffee twice as a drink, but what about cooking with it? The truth is, coffee’s acidic qualities make it an extraordinary culinary partner. For those of us with a sweet tooth, we already know about the mouthwatering effects of coffee flavored desserts. It is a little less known however, that coffee and red meat are unlikely partners. Coffee helps caramelize the surface of red meats at high temperatures, creating a barrier that prevents juices from escaping during the cooking process. Many top chefs have noted that coffee acts as a natural flavor enhancer when added to spices, herbs, and salts. If you are worried about your guests being sensitive to caffeine, have no fear! The effects of caffeine are not enhanced during the cooking process despite the popular rumor. According to Food and Wine, the distinctive earthy note from freshly ground coffee on red meat makes the pairing with red wine all the more enjoyable. Next time you are feeling adventurous in the kitchen, this unsuspecting combination surely will not let you down! Picture this: You and your family have just enjoyed a delicious prime rib roast specially prepared in a coffee rub. Now it is time to do the dishes. For some reason your dish soap just is not doing the trick. Yet again, coffee is going to be your best friend! Veritably, coffee grounds are a fantastic cleaning agent. The texture of coffee grounds is safe enough for pots and pans but also abrasive enough to remove tough grease and burn marks. Does your car ever have a bothersome odor? Putting a cup of coffee grounds into your car will remove the odors for a longer period of time than common car air fresheners. This trick can also be used to deodorize your fridge. Are the wood furnishings in your home scratched? Dipping a cotton swab into a small amount of coffee grounds and rubbing the grounds into the scratch will minimize the obtrusiveness of the scratch. indonesian to malagasy translator The uses for coffee grounds around the household are seemingly endless! Coffee is much more than a liquid pick me up. Next time you decide to jumpstart your day with a cup of Joffrey’s, remember to keep those coffee grounds and have fun exploring the many other ways to enjoy coffee! Sources:

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