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Gaspar's Brew: A cup of treasure


Gaspar's Brew: A cup of treasure

Ahoy! Gasparilla season is upon us and we are here to ensure you have the finest cup of treasure! Whether you are starting off your adventure with Gaspar's Brew, or celebrating from afar, we have collaborated with Monin to bring you a selection of recipes that will bring out your inner-pirate! 

Landlubber Iced Latte (16 oz tall)

INGREDIENTS:Fresh Brewed Joffrey's Gaspar's Brew (Brewed double strength)1 oz Monin® Maple Pancake Syrup1 1/4 oz Bacardi® Black Rum2 oz Half & Half2 dashes of Angostura® Orange Bitters

PREPARATION:1. Fill serving glass full of ice.2. Pour ingredients into serving glass in order listed.3. Pour mixture into mixing tin and back into serving glass to mix.4. Add garnish, straw, and serve.

GARNISHES:Whipped cream and Monin® Caramel Sauce


Black Cherry Coffee (16 oz)

INGREDIENTS:1 oz Monin® Black Cherry Purée1/2 oz Monin® Dark Chocolate SauceFresh Brewed Joffrey's Gaspar's Brew 

PREPARATION:1. Pour ingredients into serving glass in order listed.2. Add garnish and serve.

GARNISHES:Whipped cream, chocolate coins, and beads.

  Just who is José Gaspar? Legend has it Gaspar, known as one of the last Buccaneers, was a Spanish Naval Officer turned Pirate. Short in stature, but not in spirit, he sailed the seas with a taste for adventure and treasure often plundering and battling neighboring ships.Although the public holds only brief accounts of José Gaspar’s whereabouts at sea, one account in particular is extraordinary and unique. During the late 18th century, Gaspar scavenged African lands for sources of food in order to maintain his quest. While climbing a mountain he stumbled upon a slender tree to seek shade. Looking up and tipping his head back to get some shut eye, he was stunned by what he saw: small, beautiful, and delicious red cherries.Gaspar realized in this moment that he had found the treasure he was searching for. He then sailed back across the world, landing on what we now know as our home of Tampa Bay. What remains of José Gaspar today are his stories and legends, but most significant of them all is the secret of these mysterious cherries.Passed down through many generations, Joffrey’s Roastmaster is one of few to hold the mystery of these cherries’ historic location, as well as the secrets of their delicacy and flavor. We took Gaspar’s treasured cherries and roasted them to bring out the Tampa Bay Pirate that lies in us all. This year, we are proud to be the Official Coffee of Tampa’s Gasparilla Celebration and share with you the amazing secret of Gaspar’s Brew.To learn more visit Joffrey’ and

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