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Caffeinated Timeline In The New Norm


Caffeinated Timeline In The New Norm

As the new normal begins to shape up, we have explored the latest trends you can expect to see within the coffee industry in both today's environment and in the future.

  • Short Term (next 3 months)

    • New Comforts

      • With more time being spent at home, many consumers have taken on new hobbies and are changing up things up to find comfort in a new routine. While working from home, many are unable to grab coffee from their favorite local spot on the way to work, nor grab it from the office first thing in the morning. We've been continuing to put efforts into brewing an innovative and/or comforting cup of Joffrey's at home - from the whipped coffee trend to daily coffee hacks, anyone can become their own personal barista. 
  • Medium Term (next 4-9 months)

    • Simplicity and Convenience

      • As consumers begin to venture out from the comfort of their home more often, they are looking for coffee solutions to be simple and convenient. From online and mobile ordering, to ready to drink (RTD) beverages, the coffee industry is rapidly transforming to meet the needs of consumers. Consumers are also interested in beverages that contain simplistic and minimal ingredients, contributing to the rise of black coffee consumption. This trend applies to hot coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, and nitro cold brew. 
  • Long Term (next 10+ months)

    • Safety and Sustainability is King

      • At the beginning of the pandemic, shipments across all industries were delayed as companies and warehouses learned how to increase safety and cleaning measures for both the wellbeing of customers and employees. As we move into the new normal this trend will continue. Many customers expecting companies to keep up this same level of safety. Consumers returning to the office will be more likely to consume coffee beverages in the office and less likely to venture out to limit exposure. This new environment has also inspired consumers to support local more than ever before, driving customers to support roasters within their own communities.
        • Joffrey's Solution: contact your Joffrey's rep or to learn more about our delicious locally roasted brew that will be sure to set your space apart!
What current trends are you seeing within the coffee industry? Share with us in the comments below!
Source: Trend Report: Snacking in a Post COVID-19 World

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