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Uganda Sipi Falls is here!

Be transported to the exotic country of Uganda with each sip of our newest origin coffee, Uganda Sipi Falls. A landmark in Uganda, Sipi Falls plunges from the slopes of Mt. Elgon, once the tallest mountain in Africa. Locals believe that God lives on Mount Elgon, well beyond where people explore. It is said that when God is happy, it rains; God has been happy for many years now as lush gardens cling to the slopes of the mountains. Kawacom Uganda Limited and the small holder farmers with whom we have partnered to bring you this delectable cup have focused on quality and innovation in a continued effort to expose the world to the best beans of Uganda. Kawacom’s latest effort is through a pulpery near Sipi trading center where centralized wet process of coffee cherries guarantees consistent quality and crop control. In addition, the mill is equipped with a dryer which ensures optimal drying of the parchment as well as a retractable drying roof. The superb quality of this coffee has resulted in an improved income to farmers as they trade into more valuable markets. In addition, farmers have also undergone training on coffee handling in the newly formed Farmers Training Center. It is from this initiative that we have sourced our organic Uganda Sipi Falls. While enjoying a cup of this single-origin specialty, you will notice a rich body and bright acidity with sweet caramel notes and the ever present flavor that Doing Good Tastes Great!

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