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Caffeinated Guide: The New Norm


Caffeinated Guide: The New Norm

With these unprecedented times beginning to change the future of consumer and employee expectations, it is crucial to adapt, gather data, and present innovative solutions. We want you to know that no matter the circumstance, we are here to support your business and provide you with products, tools, and resources to reflect this new landscape. We have compiled the latest need-to-know facts directly from the National Coffee Association (NCA) to help get you started in the coffee and tea beverage space.

In response to COVID-19, the NCA conducted a survey and found that:

  • 70+% of employees feel that coffee at work should be better than the coffee they drink regularly.
  • 60+% of employees feel that they should not have to pay for coffee at work.
  • 60+% of employees feel coffee helps keep them productive throughout the work day
Specialty offerings within your space are key motivators for employees and beverage options are now expected. This is also due to the desire of employees to limit exposure to COVID-19 for both themselves and others.

This survey concluded that:

  • 61% of employees are more concerned about food safety and germs transmitted during food delivery
  • 66% More concerned about food safety and germs transmitted during food preparation
From a business perspective, providing beverage offerings in your space is an additional precaution that can be taken to keep workers in the safety of the workplace “bubble” rather than venturing elsewhere for coffee. There are several ways in which you may present your Joffrey’s offerings with more coffee service stations to accommodate workplace bubbles

Switch from group coffee or break room coffee to:

No matter your needs, we are here to provide you with a unique and custom solution for your workspace. Contact to learn more. Source: Office Coffee Service In The Age of Coronavirus      

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