Black Teas

Breakfast Blend Black Tea

A wonderfully vibrant cup with notes of sweet caramel and malty oats. Perfect for any time of the day.
Weight:2.0 oz

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Our signature Breakfast Blend is a wonderfully vibrant black tea with notes of sweet caramel and malty oats. Excellent as a stand alone or with milk and sugar. The perfect way to start every day.

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Premium Loose Tea

The Ultimate Leaf

All teas green, black, oolong, white and pu'erh come from the Camellia-sinensis plant. While drinks made from herbs, fruits and flowers are often thought of as tea, they are more accurately described as tisanes or infusions. No matter the type, tea makes everyday moments that much better, and unites people across the globe in a revered, time-honored tradition. From misty mountain tops to sunny lowlands, three fundamental elements plants, people and planet combine to make this favorite beverage. Joffrey’s has mindfully sourced some of the finest teas and ingredients to create distinctive, memorable blends sure to satisfy even the most discriminating palate.