How are your coffees decaffeinated?

We purchase our decaf coffee beans raw (not roasted), like all of our coffees, and they are already decaffeinated when we receive them. There are several ways in which coffees can be decaffeinated—a water process, a carbon dioxide process, and a direct solvent process. The majority of our coffees are decaffeinated through the direct solvent process in which the solvent —circulated through the beans—extracts the majority of the caffeine. The solvent and caffeine are then removed, the beans are washed, and typically any solvent residue is reduced to trace amounts when the beans are steamed. We roast our coffees to at least 400 °F, which also eliminates any residue. We believe this process is the best for maintaining the integrity of the coffee and its flavors, nuances, and unique attributes.

Are your coffees gluten free?

Yes! Coffee is naturally gluten free. All of our flavored coffees are made with gluten-free, sugar-free, allergen-free, and calorie-free flavorings. However, if you like to add creamer or sweeteners to your coffee, always check the ingredients list! Wheat or barley malt is added to many premixed milk products.

How many calories are in your coffees?

Coffee has only one calorie per 8 oz. cup! And our flavored coffees are made with gluten-free, sugar-free, allergen-free, and calorie-free flavorings.

Is your coffee vegan?

Coffee is a plant-based product, so by nature, yes! Our flavored coffees are egg and dairy-free although they do contain natural and artificial ingredients.

Are Joffrey’s coffees available for sale on Disney property?

Yes. You can purchase a selection of coffees (1 lb. bags) at our Disney Springs location. Also, you can enjoy our coffee and other Joffrey’s beverages at kiosks throughout Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, and all Disney signature restaurants. As always, you can purchase the Disney Parks and Resorts Specialty Coffee Collection on our website. For more information give us a call at 1-800-458-5282.

Which coffee is served at each of the Disney Resort Signature Restaurants, and in-room?

A complete listing of our Disney Specialty Coffee Collection is available online at Joffreys.com. As always, you can purchase directly from our website or calling 1-800-458-5282.

Where in Tampa Bay can I purchase bags of coffee?

Joffrey’s complete coffee offering is available online. We offer free U.S. shipping for orders of $60 or more. Joffrey’s is also available in select locations including SIPS Espresso in Tampa, and Morton’s Gourmet Market in Sarasota.

Where is your coffee truck located at?

The Joffrey’s Coffee Mobile Bar is available for events and engagements in the greater Orlando area or Tampa Bay community. If interested in booking please contact us at 1-800-458-5282 or via email at joffreysfans@joffreys.com. Also, check our social media platforms including Facebook for details on our upcoming truck events.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

We ship to addresses in continental United States, UK, and Canada. Free shipping is available for all orders US based orders of $60 or more. For International orders, a flat fee of $25 will be incurred. Joffrey’s is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer including tariffs, taxes, and other related charges.

Can you ship to APO or FPO addresses?

At present, we do not ship to APO or FPO addresses, but we are working quickly to accommodate those shipping needs. Please stay tuned to our website and our Facebook page for updates regarding shipping to APO or FPO addresses.

Do you sell Single Serve cups?

Yes, we offer our best-selling flavors and blends in Single Serve cups including Jamaican Me Crazy and Breakfast Blend. We use the same high quality 100% Arabica Beans, artisan roasted, then packed fresh in the convenient Single Serve cups. Our single serve cups are Keurig 2.0 compatible.

Can I get samples of coffee?

Unfortunately, we do not offer samples of coffee. We roast your coffee to order, when you place your online order to ensure freshness and quality.

Can I see my past order history?

Yes. You can see your order history while logged into your account. Simply click the MY ACCOUNT tab, and your order history can be viewed by selecting the Orders option.

Do you sell my info?

Of course not! Your information is kept secure with Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. We use your email and address information only to communicate with you about our delicious products and to make sure you get your coffee and tea!

Can I return my coffee if I don’t like it?

If you believe there is something wrong with your coffee, please contact us immediately, and we will work with you directly to resolve the situation. Please do not return your coffee until you have spoken with a customer service agent.

How long is the coffee good for?

If you ordered whole bean we suggest 90 days; and if you ordered ground coffee, we suggest 30 days.

Can I re-sell Joffrey's products?

Any reselling of Joffrey's products is not authorized without express permission from Joffrey's. Many dealers selling through Amazon.com are resellers who are not authorized to sell Joffrey’s products. As a user purchasing Joffrey’s products on Amazon.com, it is important to take note of where the product is being "shipped from and sold by." This note is clearly stated in the header for each product. Please contact us directly to learn more at 1-800-458-JAVA and/or before making a purchase. Dealers: If you are not preauthorized by Joffrey's directly, you are therefore not authorized to sell Joffrey’s products. For Wholesale Inquiries, please contact us at wholesale@joffreys.com.

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